Are You A Xennial?

Friday, January 12th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the newest term for generation. 


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So there's a new term for babies ever born between 1975. And 1985. Which is this girl right here was up 1980 wine is now maybe you don't really recognize mark or did you identify with millennial still feeling good genetics are. Which I agree technical definition I think crystal's new millennial satellite and a private Decker so they're a little bit predictably as night and Sunday. They younger you know a little bit it's called learn how to work cart not that you. Not that you have that but they're too violent electric coming out of this building so I just want to make 60000 dollars today and don't do that that the financial work to get it without you know without listen finger yeah. It's an eight due to meet them. So here's what it's called he's an Eagles to. I'm Denny all's that is what the term is and there's a little quiz online here. So if you answer yes to any of the following five questions you are as an Il. Number five you made a mix tape for someone you fancied and it was actually on a tape. Yeah yes yeah dignity and there is okay and number for you and you get some of awkward and ice. I your new kid on the line and you know I. Oh yeah. I was at recess I was dealing pins that you. Dealer and can't stay strategies as actual open my backpack and do one big want to McEntire and I. The real pins another leg you know AK for something else that I mineral Penn all right number three you played the Oregon trail but yeah. Yeah. We want that to brace and my stepson for Christmas is a card game now is huge man it's all making a comeback and he's obsessed with people died of dysentery. But I thought that's a quick check out now flat rate not virtue here as any ill if you answer yes to you had a walkman. And it out yet. And you are is Annie Hall. If you used a dial up modem. Yeah. Some really close friends yes. This sound you know it's on the says it's the worst sound ever. The. Oh yeah. I could keep going he got. Can you always get that good night good night not any person so I just honorees are to project it Ramon. Know what it means is you obviously were alive during that time so he used all those things I did and ebony can't hide forever they're seeing if you were born at that time now. And your permanent stuff than yours any one of the Danielle you can join the club you can be is an ill because your product is noise. The all.