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Thursday, February 8th


Seduction, anticipation and a fun time in the bedroom - that's what you'll get with the book 101 Nights of Great Sex. New York Times bestselling author, Laura Corn, is back on "50 Shades of Kay" to talk about this hot, steamy book that will turn your sex life up a notch!

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Time for another sexy podcast. It's Elizabeth today your host a fifty shades of Cain. Is a lifestyle podcast we talk about really anything and everything that matters to women when it comes to our lives. And a lot of that is sacks and that there were talking about now with one of my favorite guest is back and safety shades of cake. Author of 101. Nights of great sacks Laura Carter welcome back to the podcast. Oh thank you so much for having me on. You call I had quite the stir when I had you on my pod cast around this time last year. Because my phone was blowing up with girlfriends texting. Is this book legit. What do you think doesn't really work should I diet. And it really is such a font book for couples a great Valentine's Day gift because it is. What the title says won her one night of great sex David Letterman talked about it pretty spears has talked about it this isn't really helping people spice up their sex lives. I'd let you know when women actually eco park. I think it's kind of you know when we talk about secret until production. People that would like why the picket put together weren't paying it back. Well because you know where there are not garner and with equipment actually pulled the book and I went and even then. They open it up and they need to heal all and I opted he can't. And all of a sudden it says it is totally unheard rightfully. They instantly get. And like I know I have but it's not a book you. Now I know content with you know on and by the way out there see. Berg insight about what it. I don't read it in her life and one's pretty man. Really based on this whole interactive concept will need middle a year ago that the number one sex complaint a couple is like you know. Yes it's it's that it's it's getting to be old and wore. You know when Amy Egan and I begin routine and that's where this book can really kind of just did you ideas Ian. IPhone as someone that has utilized the book Laura and the big man. I found what's on about it is that there's all different options when it comes to. How much money one Hispanic leaders summit involved a little getaways there's some that are inexpensive and you just need warm water. I mean it really is nine and runs the gamut of all different. Which one. The velvet time and I can get a talked about ballot and the last podcast but that's what's nice about it is just so many different options. It's a surprise. I don't know what age he's ripped out. I don't know what has planned an anticipation is awesome. Exactly so it's based on what I considered to be the formula for great in anticipation. Lot. Creativity. Equals great. Turnouts at briefly. Gives you an idea what the book yet right it is their heels and not concept is one that went on that. When you want a lot on education. And creativity. And wrecked that you know page ready. Oh well. Like interest in doing this though to you kind of can't put it on the buck. You know like maybe it's on you thought about doing eBay you don't have been the guts to maybe Briere tears of another. You can look at and say well that's what the book told me to do so and then just have fun with it and what I would you talk about two and I know that you know your busy woman today at the right around Valentine's Day is you're talking a lot of people but I want to talk about the app. Because the app. Has also now all that inspired because of this book and a lot of people now are really reliant on apps can you talk a little bit about that. It's very similar to the puck I could read my book the other day on Sunday from the beginning of the and I'm like oh my god it's so much I mean I I still get it out of sticky garlic and it is number three national debate. And activity number six dial. You can't equipment group that titles and the numbers we got no you know what I can make even though they were actually burlap. I think I want to tackle better not on really good unless it is like to let. But now. No we haven't talked about yeah. Oh. Arrow back row. It's responsible for my first or get them. With a man. OK tell me more about that. And well it number eleven and I talked about. Now. On doing it on. I had ended their relationship with a man that Maryland having to. So human element of it's not seen any doubt that I'm like yeah. I had a all right I'll hit this pretty well a six degrees of separation. You know when I go on record saying I would not be a New York trying. Best selling sex partner and I went up I don't know I told almost two million buck. We got no where. Hey there you at all so I'm not sure. Eric and dating this guy and I have never important with a man. And oh we are bad and the court on Saturday by the end. He let you know Iowa and his story. And he said that at all Maryland debt and then he described as incredibly erotic scenes I was just blown away I didn't have. Competent to do it then right there in the air it never let my mind. To actually usual I never heard a two point. So backcourt is my cousin died when I was just. Exploring. You know my sack at actuality it was apparent that in relationship with the 24 year. I tried this technique and he told me many many years ago prior okay now. I got a lot of confidence and it didn't. And I. You work. Or not. And I couldn't have been under. Yeah that that doesn't you need to write a book exactly why now. I cracked an art but that's number eleven and cubic anger. Order back quote I think I made it back a batter should she had just that we conduct in the open Munro. I think she well how would he think we all think and it it packs a better. Well heeled audience. That's enough of a teaser to see need to get this book 100 awhile my superiors act. So like that you're looking at war. You have the current go up with a pack age when you pick rapidly in the gap with men. Key. To your partner. Give them a little Connecticut and out what you're going. Yeah didn't make a black day in the gap and that what he wanted it very much like the book except with the bar. You actually see each other without a field. Share it. Like your little notes here it's as tap tees and seduce what the one on one night app and it's really that it's really that easy and this is why it's. Couples are feeling. Really are lacking in their relationships as they think you'll agree the author you put this book together and had the idea that urges sometimes lacking that little. Extra effort especially when we all it's so easy with our allies in deals and jobs in the kids and so we different priorities it's a great way to connect with your loved one especially with this month be Valentine's Day. It's an awesome gift and if you buy this for your significant other or you you pull this out at dinner or before you head out. Though the little critics haven't. Off my dot. That if you learn you know looking back. On the practice. I mean they're stopping. We expect on balance and you know it is going to be good and ball probably flower cart go right you really wouldn't be surprised. I think we really need something a little hot and I think you're hot right. You're hot. What better way. And is that your hot things get a copy of Ottawa and I agree that happen up your partner when they opened at. I wonder where number two it. I think there's been ripped out it. How I. Never sealed envelope number eighteen. It. Don't want to open label and by the way this book. It really. Book on money. Yes no absolutely I do a great deal and it really does say a lot dull that you wrote this book. Over 23 years ago and yet it's still fun. Playful and relevant today an idea of the new 2018 addition of 101 nights a great sacks. Which you can get at And we do have linked up at night and I won the mixed dot com but. I mean it was listed the number one. Book that sex act spurts wish everyone would read. I'm not all that's great to grants. And I think what makes a relationship work is ultimately bought. But what makes the relationship passion. I think you today's action is about novelty about creativity. Boredom. Breaking that that group move. It's hard to get what you're doing anything and Margaret. Cut taxes public. Yeah the action it would you like that. Do you go out of your way either creating something unique what's cooler go to Q what we're doing the book swap. You don't know what the ideas are coming. In you can get older and we can do anything you want to blame it on the day. Sierra exact he's been put back on the box it don't like I do. Think it's fun because if I feel like we have our own little secret kind of oh. And that I think is great too because. There can be such a disconnect with couples that physically live together and our you know physically there at their child's sporting event in their physically eating dinner together. But there isn't that connection and this is a way to just connect with someone you know in a physical way. But for women to we talk a lot about this on my podcast or fifty shades of Kate back to turn a woman on. You gotta start with a brain. And this it's our brains going to. So this is great do you have the app I love value also on FaceBook he'd go to FaceBook dot com slash 101 nights. And more out your sex life now do you feel like in your relationships because you Britain has blocked. Is nearly did you feel as expectation not yet to be crazy wild and sexy all the time. I have my back on field but most. On why can't went on updating when I'm writing a book because. It required me. Not only be thankful that I but the people because. When might do one of these reductions we're like come up with a new. I have to take charge in the background I have to beauty machine right. You know there's one hour. Obviously the number one actual. Gunmen is a woman chart. Is a woman. He initiator that would that you walk so overcome with desire. Seek to discipline. If you think about this movement that's happening across our country right now also something we've talked about a past podcasts too there are more and more women now that. Maybe before hadn't felt as confident to say hey this is what I want and you don't do this or don't do this and that's kind of what's happening right now on our country which is why this book. Is again still relevant right now today because it's a lot of seemed a bit this is what I want and yes pleasing your partner but not afraid to ask that taking care of as well. I love it I'm a big fan of yours a big fan of the book again it's 101. Nights of great sex. Hunter one night that's a lot of nights this gift. I'm gonna throughout the year it really does and it's fun to go back and maybe do some repeats or have some. Have some fun with something you've done in the past the people that often send you suggestions and ideas at all. You know morning. I'm. When I get lost his number 35. That it did I do live by that people at liberty to get healthy liking it. Almost every. Technique reduction in the and it went like great. Based on the concept. Of another best selling book so for example I would read it doing back there to guide to getting on or what. It was thought it would take what is so unique. Interest and about the book what is that one oil. Which I mean you know you've done and you've done the proper time you know what that. So that was quite. Make it particular. Book and and I take that idea. And then I created the directions and the right to it and I didn't sealed envelope and I want you to not only do you do it. Identically to make it uniquely you. Really helped people. Get more creative. Than the Becker yeah I like no accident that they're some of the follow my mind. You know what I want to do it actually I want you to make your own. And much Gartner once it's totally I've been there and honey on consignment lot I want. Number 49. If you already haven't done it a look at home was woods called it in practice. We have not very I think every. Woman and man. Should have a little bit. You know and I'll cash and I I think the ballot and I practiced. It got it done and well I got Laura you are always so much fun to tie you would you be back and fifty shades of K again you know what why do you what year I now shame on me. Shame I mean say hey I know are or were. Ass ass I'd. Here I am we are we're actually doing here at the radio station and we have hole. We have a whole auditorium at the Marcus theatres here just for our listeners. We're doing a private showing up at the four comes out we have well we have a specialty injuring there's fifty shades of k's angry. That are gonna have it's going to be a whole big of that I can't wait for it. You do note that night originally will not before. They are obviously before. I sit note that twenty or thirty of the seduction. And I underwent a quick thing before. That trilogy. As we talk about that the last time and having gone through the book there are definitely similarities some good free you know look at you sent home. At. And it. Well Laura your fine thank you again for talking with us and all right take your life and die if you enjoyed it cannot. And you wanna hear more make sure you subscribe so to subscribe to fifty shades of cake. Make sure you're on your iTunes app Google play or your podcast app on your Smartphone. Search for fifty shades of Kate that's 50. Shades of Kate than I should be a little button. Where you hit subscribe there's also a little button or you can hit every deal I'd love it if you left review. Let me know what you think again it's fifty shades of Cain thanks so much for listening.