Are You A Flip Flopper? - Part 2

Friday, February 16th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about why women flip flop.


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Why are women and experts had flip flopping on decisions as we're talking about this morning and yet. Victoria Beckham who said yeah we're gonna tour with The Spice Girls on the part of it no I'm not SA and my wife at home my wife Jessica and home. Tell me to paint a wall dark brown. Now any light brown painted dark brown now she's like yeah. And I tell. The reason why women do this especially when it comes to going out to eat what you want pizza or Chinese food or what ever. It's because we're trying to think ten steps ahead of that decision this is also why a world. Making a lot of decisions because we think it through guys. Not so sure you don't think about the harper later you don't think about maybe you Marty had speeds of five times today you should have anymore pizza because too much heat is on a good thing. You don't think about that stuff and that's why women go back and forth and we live in the now maybe hammer on I don't know someone call explain it to and says yeah it's definitely Seth. You think. I'm only thing I'll spare you what what is happening right now it's only going to get to where I need to speed. Yeah this result but I'm looking forward. And how the white yup there. Reason that result is sun and just enjoying yourself up what we don't wanna deal with flags circles. And we get there yeah. As things you that's why that's why every decision can't just be. Just I have to. Pain attention answer yet the pink room. It's not about what's happening right now after not good. But I have a daughter getting married in October. And my husband just like what's the big deal and I said what what we're doing right now. Can we can get it done it had a permit we don't have to deal with it later yes he's just doesn't quite get that. All work smarter not harder not to talk about a wedding here I'm just I'm about pizza vs. Come on now. Arnold planners but lately so we totally get it thank you for calling and be in Israel to the point have a great morning to you by ten. Michelle she. Yeah below amendment here's your radar how many I bet you I dumped and really do as I'm glad to be on that radar you probably have a higher prevented them out acts just okay out. There. Did it act. She went probably thinking aren't a lot of painted a dark how markets radar probably get it includes your light bill your followers I'm bad. I don't wanna be easily clean energy and I don't like or I really hate Ed I'll take the chance that you know like color. Analyst. I'm sorry I don't title of the midnight because the moral of the story and I do I'm shocked. I give these deals that are locked. Why didn't say what you want you know I'm tired a bit or operative period. You always good because that's why she's the one who always leave that Matt. I like to wrap up. I can't explain it leave it to leave it to teach and explain it they keep calling it and loving dude you know problem how did you guys you Jim buying season and I.