Are Couch Toilets The Next Big Thing?

Thursday, September 13th

Elizabeth, Radar and Day talk about the idea of couch toilets and if they would be good. 

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What is going up for a Thursday it's the actor cast with Elizabeth and radar because bundled pragmatic. I have so we're kind of trying to figure out what's we talked about on today's after cast and typically we take something from the shall and any kind of expand on it a little bit more here on the after cast. And this morning we talked about like what you doing your lunch breaks we talked about the new apple product that was. Relieved we talked out. Yesterday's brother Ziggy South Carolina and I trades I can hurricane he has stuck right now he can't going he's series why we generally he lives in Charleston and they had a mandatory eat that. And and they rescinded he said in the and they re put it back on and he was like I'm not gonna get. Caught in the traffic what I'm on the road and and it hits that's even worse than being safe in my apartment she's a nice day are still an hour ago he felt it was and that's on a hundred but yes the way he just decided to stay in his apartment aren't let's let's go around the room here if you were in that position. Producer Dave would you stay or valve. I don't know I mean lower here. Clearly we know we know my overreacted things and I respond to campaign are scared so I probably would leave that probably would be. I don't think the worst it happened I am busy doesn't mean that land fascinated by whether there's people out there that are fascinated I would love to catch a tornado on film. So I would definitely say with the hurricane. I'll stay I'll stay an adult film at Iowa. Document it all I can as much needed as much as I'm scared cat and especially Obama wildly storms like high water and all that kind of stuff yeah. I probably would state based on Wednesday he said now that sounds like he's safe again housing North Carolina and I was in the right to an area like hell lot apparently right away I know I Beagle. Again each of Nash Moehler someplace fun. Get a little bit he's got an honor to work and change MMI and then you get an agent Amanda I'm staying on favorite RD I wanna hear you guys you're a lefty took the car you you last match I got older I only one night at the tire actually going one way I don't even on that but that also worry about like. These people are leaving now why the heck did you wait salon I would left on day one rout well now it's about time dealing. In your brother's case right only people have jobs you've made it they probably don't. Shut down work until like this past week like you said that your brother. Is a teacher Freddie were to school yet he works addicts tell college there and when all the public schools there closed down that's on that's when the colleges until he still is he still had to work last week mr. the other what you gonna take vacation or sick they are some like that I would just waited out rabid easily he's been stuck at home. As a bad thing you know not a good girlfriend with a view to sleep in over let somebody. We just heard MBA and yet. Lawrence in nine months that's nice now while it may be a low. That's a blow you away from Raymond Clark the flow another nephew or niece for me another I don't have any I was. I don't have any Matt Wright and other kids. I don't know I don't know after another and I dead -- is just getting bombarded with relatives yeah out to him wondering if he's entertainers you know yeah it's not that we're used to appear in the midwest exactly not you know a whole families in the midwest so early we we don't really know the extreme extent of what's going on out there assumption you know all we see a news on the news it looks pretty bad. So my relatives declined Ziggy in Munich. This is looking really bad you gotta get out of anything now it's not that bad here actually and you know this I hear all the meteorologists say you know they outlined part of the storm like this one's gonna hit North Carolina he's in South Carolina right he's in the outline part of the storm. There could be some drop down tornadoes and stuff so yeah. I would totally gonna get you a thousand real quick I want to have a basement where they go does he just go into the room with no windows like the bathroom or something in his apartment in tornado hits maybe the leg up. Laundry. Room in the basement of the apartment buildings yeah yeah that's when you sit down against the wall but here head between your knees and get yourself. And I hope I don't. I'm that is totally not like you were to Driscoll yeah I had tornados without high calorie got to go to the girls that didn't even know you're a guy into my category of the good here are let them. With the same but there's no your tells us the only difference OK Ty did tiger ever really you. Excited about going into that yet easy never will I don't think and I did but kids in quotation marks and we maybe I was one of those kids that is so all three burst because let me tell you know woman's age as I need to go on the ice Stevie you heard earlier but you get to do sit on the floor with your head down ball. Well guys bathrooms inks you don't lie always just smells like urine everywhere well Ali G days. I don't understand how men can like. He added deer with a bow and arrow fifty yards away and like killing but they can't get all the here in the tiger and here's the thing now in like about him up with that especially for you mentioning grade school we would back up from the year annals and try and make it. CR Bard hobby literally kidding Larry and I hit athletic ifs there's an area that we're doing it you're not used to do like eight feet away from here. And that's why besides all the everywhere that's like our guy has boisterous already Nokia had I. I got in trouble for that actually on third grade out about a so called. And. Think it ought Demi was like. I'll tell and you that is my friend to locked in the bathroom Ozzie not a good friend public. The chase them down the hallway to the drizzle Attica clean the principal's desk for a week might be honest. And I don't like that you could come into my office every day at lunch and clean my dad would bet my talent I'm all right. You can't help mark Agee. I mean apparently missed a little bit also really don't when he started you know like for you have to have a lot a year and I would you do so it gets drawn strong dream yet while they were good run it like an Austin Powers yeah there you go into the water out inside some water and really in trying to hold it and you'll get a boom the only kind of like heat game I ever played as a kid at. My cousin Jenny and I thought it was so cool that we would be small enough we were probably five that we were really little we can both sit on the toilet and he at the same like. All I fired if they could bolster your whole body is in the toilet CNN and I definitely wouldn't Bode Miller we know we are cousins or related but we both would be like. Let's put it together both put it about you guys read the same book Q do you know a little we had to beat a dude they repeat it or drop in Intel. Feature at eight OK. App. So just recently we went to a restaurant and that you guys and finally to those to zero man and you have your journals and ilsley. Little. Do you Arnold your pads and what what's at at a hockey pucks yet that they don't think so yet my husband writer just at a restaurant any Q why organized it is like deal agreed as they think only guys that it will be completed as early. That they're so just like my high school bathroom of the single yeah. And I after him to have a school. Six days he will never hear a woman stay in jointly own the game I have realized. Know that's a good quality control is the only thing this thing we flush yet. We push every week no we don't flush of hockey puck we just we flush or stop memories and a have to have a smell. Good I like that again this is why I'm upon this is my back to producer Dave's story we were never as girls league out. We get to go the boy is Earl. Ever and then as it was new it was a different they know there's no urinal on the wall willow and peak you know. Lots of girls bathrooms have cultures and stuff and that I feel like yeah a little casually all they got the 57 activity on the emirates and how she you know line. That's hardly a woman. I thought I had no answer some time that the one million and half free space you can just sit down. Rest your feet he wearing shoes that hurt may be your woman yet to breastfeed maybe it would average is you wanna sets of cramps is less a few good down market that and like some holes and it so that you could use it to but he. You be my fault I. Our state and do which lets you asked how George let's all let's do it to everybody how gadget and yeah. You Serena I don't I would keep that planetary not talking about cushion than it averaged a cushion. Every could have a removable. But a lyrical idea yeah you can pull up that has let the body underneath believe that uniquely yourself but. You know you go Dick Anderson what do you get old and every move as women we don't wanna hang out in the bathroom any longer than we have to NY that's. I'm saying you could do a good look at how does not in the stall the cup to what you're waiting for your friend but it still in the but how just what you put your her son perhaps a while you're waiting for your friend. Take your penance you know gab all right no door. What about a mile toward everybody knows yeah looks like anyone you seem wrong we will call on the go. Anyways do you like first we don't like. Brace ourselves against the walls that are but don't touch the public seat why that's that's your choice to not touch the public's he identity but I spent two days on the jerk sort of what it you have to laid down the little protector I don't do that. It's a laid on toilet paper you don't Robert. For number two they're trying to cover for a. This could be lighter and that I know do it so why not package you give you a pair of odd. Well don't let. The saint east the dog stand on their legs Campbell because of it and I just Italy then how disease for number two L I actually still really curious if. The but that's coached hood and we've been talking about. That they'll have a look about them all the work with in your living room and those actual college Lelie it would be hanging out in the bathroom you just being a little I would never ever that I unsanitary all the you get these sharks or not I I don't even wanna like get I don't wanna make got to do anything appropriate on my couch with my husband because all I do was picture my dad's sitting there like drink and a beard during a football game and right in the spot where are ridiculous mending to do it anywhere. The and a and that. I think that we haven't I'm just brain I don't wanna they don't over tool on that spot like I just can't die hard time Aaron. Visualize on me and I'll let you guys deter me I'm doing it I'm and they can't have taken the blueprint for this and let's figure out the tools that I need I'll. Fines and cheap couches from goodwill Mark Cuban will totally travelers can be like yes I mean that is the worst idea 35% idiotic thousand dollars. I'm that a lot this operate now have summons RD dot ultra this all right guy should my stepson always comes up with these inventions that have already happened part can be perfect but not as what happened to your young one know he's always like I wanna come up with its please debt is like. Arrest tablet all different restaurants are and it in my husband's and academia to clinical. I don't colleges he's toilet forced sale already bad does all of I I knew I and I. Think. 3000. You are no you never got to believe it turns out this is our real thing 500 dollars 100000 most Iraqi OS treaty pro dream all your bad 6299. Dollars amazing we're gonna be rich if they had like Phil Rodgers on the Q&A back this and I. I waited 6002 and enough. And I'll put a lid on it we don't that was I'll stop which is a lot of phone number one or number two and get out. I like it picked out and although it doesn't show fans or you toilet couch how cool is that I can Colleen. And asset don't know because our winners and I don't I'm not as fancy in the sounds like going there we how well. While the couch toilet all I got the make via the chair to it than they have they have they have that soon. Off all done well what we've learned here bags and producer Dave is not going to be unsure top oh let me kitchen table toilet that is very obvious on the toilet no we're gonna can be worked to. No one's made of guys and I think you don't like to you don't want. Password where you eat it you can sail around the podcast it's true Mr. Bush hit. Ready you I have heard of wait let's talk about that for second ice on the radio today. I used the expression flies on blotter not a real expression it's a country so the touches on my Wynonna and I don't like and it. 2000 or whatever I don't I don't say this slide accident but I can't say that on the radio such as a lies on water yeah what he's in the and I said when he southern oh wait that is a song look at the glass on the button. I had no lake like I'm on a roll. Is comic butter 'cause I'm on a roll on the jelly thing you know jiggling that. Flies under water blanket. Dili the buyer out too long is that what the flies you know and Saturn that you out I had my highly Matt by her out to violate a mile idol like that. How are you are gonna spread butter and anything you just keep in the original plan it's called margarine is a public top yes called fake the nonsense that's your eyes margin to find water it is just you he's almighty I'm I'm used to leave butter mystic about her out on the Connor was covered yes covered. I was literally there's things called butter holders yet but I thought. There's Darian is their milk and butter. The nickel yet it has spent little butter is just cream churn. Well not to a wrap up this enlightening conversation to get on. Out with radar has to be decline in three minutes and just realized oh okay well that are on here think that there had still bitterly. Thanks Kia the pressure's on a don't look like dad's shoes. W I. Geared kitty shirt for TV he made me feel a sort of later Danny's team for like three years. The you know I think you're gonna do you feel that you proud to be done to kneel there I'm gonna. RA lower got a gun out at that's the after Kass thanks so much for subscribe old Roy and we'll be back tomorrow. And we had a fun time today and boy tomorrow's Friday that's going to be even better I AM to 9 AM 99 point one the mix or hear on the radio dot coming out.