An Alternative To Wedding Rings!

Tuesday, March 20th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the newest trend in wedding rings. 


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Nestle proposal today and we're still talking about it about engagement rings if you find the engagement rings to be a little cumbersome there's a new style he might wanna take a look at what it's Elizabeth the radar a single ladies lesbians they say bordering on right well as new trend could change where their blowing winds up. Millenniums especially in recent months this growing popularity involves getting a single diamond implanted into this the end. On the ring finger so there is no ring it's just the diamonds. He planted right in your fingertips because. Every candidate has seen my analysis stupidest thing ever heard why not to DC people like that before arresting people with with Michael studs in their neck he's been planted as well. Oracle this is weird me out not gonna lattice I mean if I'm no offense anyway I have a bit military it appears he's really I. I agree with the U I I'm always curious as to how it happened at YY and who thought it was a good idea stick a piece of the skin of the the finger out with these Pierce's do and then you can invent it right in your skin you want it would have to worry about our loss may ring a bell. Whatever the lord is right in there. I'm sure how to get it right out but it probably is way harder to get back out to take Hillary gothic thriller at their faces. Right at implanted rain. The rear part of that is you can't just like taken off if you want to shower what appear to reclaim volleyball on the sand or something I would just think about. Well I think in or did you just covered up and it only takes ten minutes according to some of the experts takes tendons and embedded and you're good to know from. I'll guess I'll quest Rodriguez yeah if you air force and the rings were not an option anymore because people are beginning tattoo is also there every time stupidest thing ever that you attach to this this thermal piercing. Did you think my husband wanted to do that on our honeymoon in Ireland because he was gonna get a tattoo does somehow we'll. Representative was us later for our line yeah Chinese cities and thought about Keating. Your name tattooed on my ring finger he's gotta love this impression of him by the way. And I said hello you're not you're not doing that as that is the kiss of death I don't know old lady look yeah it's almost shocked. He civil what is obviously thing I said no no I you can get my name tattooed on your body he'd get Alyssa detected on your whole body. Don't get gonna ring finger and superstitious about that one. Just really am I it's it's if it's on him no matter why and it it doesn't matter if it's on the ring finger announcing he ran out of my thermal Peterson she would think I would probably go for that and that's what I. As permanent and if he has other tattoos. Four or maybe you could say okay ring finger thing I'm like Nene and you don't want to on the ring finger and one that you read early test here fingered. Well I don't have a diamond in my wedding ring but I definitely would do that when I could I could see that tattoo the journal thing. I don't know how would you how would you propose to somebody that you get down on safety get your guy here is this done I wanna get active and do it right there are arriving here.