Adventures In Denver with Beer From Wisconsin

Saturday, July 21st

Dave and Hannah went to Denver to celebrate Dave's birthday, and they had a blast! They went to museums, hiked up a mountain and went on a delicious food tour! They detail it all in this episode of Dish with Dave, plus they taste some New Glarus Beer and give a recipe for cookies! Check out all of Dave's pictures at his instagram @mixproducerdave

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Sure we can slow. Welcome to another and as did Dave I'm here goes Jay and of course and joined by our co host and on. And just got back. From a very exciting birthday trip it was my birthday on July 16. Thanks Robert villages I know you editing and that we were to dander. It's the play that we had never been before and the cheapest flight. Said that's are gonna go. And it was very very proud of our trip there are also going to be tasty oh it's got some beer. Another new glared beard keeping it a little bit askance and still hold keeping it local Denver tied in this the special late night out at its. It's twelve all three it's 1203 in the morning right now isn't that the latest and I think in years. The job. So we're gonna talk about that regular hasn't been forced them chocolate chip academia and cookies because. That's eating right now. And out to fully get better at anything else had to give us that there. Yeah. Did you now. That edge and I go through. That charity and are actually called Kelly eased. And start fresh from her actually called police aren't. And. Does fascinate we actually learned that animal fat. While earlier in Denver at the aquarium yet to talk about because that. The trip. Started very very early in the morning we got a 5 AM flight out of Milwaukee and then there. And just already put you in a hole it stupor you know what good will walk into the airport in the morning just but I like it like that. We wanna waste daily like getting that down read like 5 o'clock and nine that. Well let's just get some dinner and then Melissa there tomorrow and I don't like waiting all day to get on a plan like that to be like the. The first wanted to get it over. Right because then you add that that is that the thing you're dreading all day does it done with that you and you see we were in him we were in Denver by 6:45 AM yeah. Which also. Was kind of whack because nothing was openly got to Denver's league we got to the N stationed there which is sweet. By the way at Denver's Union Station and so pretty onions client is some really you go visit her fun. Wanna there's like at a coffee shops and there is a couple of restaurants than there. It is the main hub they have a great public transportation systems that are basically this podcast is gonna be like promoting gender because we had a great time. Honestly I would do our trip all over again exactly the same way so if you're planning on going to Denver. This Libyan itineraries and that claim. We hot wired or hotel. Don't know where we're stain and that's been right. In the center of downtown. That was great though. To start the trip. We took the train from you know the airport took a train down to Union Station and all of us at Union Station of course a farmer's market and we're huge fans farmers' markets right now is that kind of you know Saturday morning early Saturday morning every time again I'd get to the front of America Saturday morning and is now working and we try to go. Because it's fun. And the sun is Q and had a lot more. Like. Stuff that people made rather than just straight vegetables. Uniting Reno's a lot of like jams and jellies and sausages and cheese is rayo nuts and pretzel it wasn't just grown. Yeah veggies or anything like that he immediately did anything different aren't American the test samples yeah I mean you can activists and a global leaders. We had nowhere to put it we are gonna get a bunch of fresh produce and and throw it well just got off the plane. So we were religious China guitar town and are backed off. Before we even got hooked on drop their bag we had to stop and dispensary and edits the other's whole legal marijuana I think the white. Which is crazy it's fascinating because it over 21. You in his go you know it's just like going into liquor store. Every single dispensary was very very different yes so normally we don't let me it's a different dispensaries yes autumn like museum related they have like you know the wheat flour but I'll read it's now lunges you know look at whatever you wanted candy aren't dummies Soto was. Oil holes anything you want and some of them were like they're very personal one person at a time could come in. Yeah you like you don't wanna abide attended both the budget under one on land. This there is any interest in world but you know you also think like all you going to Colorado used a lot rounds as well. Everywhere it it does and it is working that you're not like allowed just smoked out on the street is very regulated and vary. We gun. Well as an aggregate and could use care when actually walking away from me is very regulated so that you can't. It's not like our men area just hi Allen time and I think that's what allowed to have preconceived notion is that dander so I guess the rules are. You've been smoking your own house. If it's a otherwise you have to be in my designated areas that you can't just like. Walk around and smile I well we don't I know the rules are. We all. I guess we'll never really now you know no one can really explain to us of you know please let us now while that isn't fantastic news now. Did you wanna could mean chipotle crispy you Kenny could you. Were to describe it could be good you're gonna eats on the end of this and in the rose to make yourself. So it would have breakfast rather dispenser and whether or luggage and everything's building 9:30 in the morning. To get breakfast place. Sit down and I had a Belgian waffle McClellan banana and I got eggs Benedict problem is electable that. Yet delectable Ed with a restaurant I was very delicious and we get you know our bill. And look like in the turtles. It's always money brought an end and a talent like five bucks lectures on that site. I don't deserve her outlet great what a great star you know I'd like hey I'm averaging over progress I had turned out. I was wrong. I miss read the price and I admitted it natural and I got to a size and might well. The manager came over you than known unknown don't know. We want you to be happy you have from out of town we don't want you had a bad trip we averaging just got here we'll take it off don't worry. It off the side Denver. Best start to a trip already. Hospitality was out of this world meaning of the animated map wanna. So really do next. He walked a volatile. Now we couldn't check in though about 3 o'clock so still it you know 10 in the morning. So we put our Baghdad ballet periphery and looked finding this awesome. Food back. Apple it was called slow. Some music they like Denver there's something. Like going on around every corner easily stumble upon me that's what happened it like most of the time we would just walk around in the house and be like. Well look this crazy part is here or this in this case this food fest. And a lot about local. Late farms and. In the thing about the you know that's what they want them like they're trying to sell you the food that right there what might hate tasteless and buy it from us right now that you could you buy from them there it is want you to eat food and just be happy and make. Enjoy the local pro does and to let all hitting the whole booting go here to get there's but you know you can't get married now. Will be tried a bunch of we got a bunch and she's all. Ice green budget Segolene eerie free ice strangers he and a Coke and Coke and instantly Jim mocha and engine mocha shake from our news. Jamal can't shake as very rich but it's Clinton questions. And we found this food festival because we're walking to the aquarium. And on the way to the aquarium we. We want on this path took on the cherry creek trail. And there was so much cooler across the error it is street art that are added on the property. And Allen are street art soccer team and beautiful you're resolution probably. Really cool and you know we. Just had a really nice block would probably walk like thirty mildly Adam probably more than ever walked in. Private years my mind I was a little too is last about it under them. It is absolutely worth it because the aquarium of real Oakland had to get to the aquariums just you know the things is keep on getting better and better in Denver early get there and. The line. Was so long again literally seeing that go to take three hours to get in it and walk of life that a hole the Xia. An online. Some guy a lot bile they yap the act got to log in and act of the deadline for the aquarium. It up or are they aquarium. For a second is really sketch Leo Israelis engineers do and it's now and I don't have follow in his bid on now I am. But that it was like there could argue the the wife and his two daughters is like you have really got to go to the aquarium. Really gal. I got the next job as an extra passes for the we're given that we did that relieve eventually take these residents. And it was like to bet the back entrance. Where there are events that where there was like an of that like a work event going on Unita bring your family to be declaring Monday that he got to bypass the language. And got the sneaky sneaky entrants. And go anywhere those who are. The last two people that the person lead and through this night normally again. Probably twenty minutes that to them be loaded and windows. Was an armadillo not hard bark park no pork pie and a porcupine support and. All. But the aquarium man's two weeks I can I love an aquarium I compared to the Shedd Aquarium on as the death at a super cool they had everything you know like. Archway you know the theater action over the charts likes to argue that. Swear to god I saw off a real life squirrel like what the Oakmont squirrel is based off of it was literally a blue turtle with the shelved that looked like to have water and they you're gonna that's not reliant mermaid because they had votes to. Laettner made those crazy. At one point. The one of the standard ad they Cuellar let. Skip Thanksgiving drivers that are preliminary verdict coming through and there's just this girl and her mermaid tail waving hi it is they have. They are bravely and feed the rays touched off with Jack touching a stingray and that. Ours which now I've learned ceased Hodges he start to feel so weird that I really love yeah there is GLE. And hang out at the race. For dollars. I added. Honestly that this the sensation that touches sting is like touching a Mukasey hairy nosed there that's what it feels like it. Why you love that. It's just found attached. To me just like feel slippery and Chinese it's Newton. Soft. And cuddle up with one. So basically are there aquarium was awesome yeah that's like the Moro last oil is a query that quote that basically is the interim president of query and museum. We went back to the hotel after that. Finally you check into our hotel at 3 o'clock we did it way past time somehow got into this dollar. What are you know. There's no soap and our shower no soap shampoo we couldn't check. And yet they clap point Flanagan check and those notes all the public. Great now the exemption is gonna start taking a turn and we're like this wedding is grosses feeling I don't want to have like airplane order. Degrees outside we're walking around it luckily ten miles already though it basically just Scott Anderson modern and got out restarting. So I told you know there are definitely down. They were out of stuff and aren't perfectly nice if extant reviewing what we need the wood again noodle every round and all my guys laden and and a noodle bar. I got this spicy chicken Reiman and I think it was the better at. I guess in London who emerges it'll let her on the brink of being too space you know it's like. I finally understood by people like spicy food when it burns elliptical orbit. Addicting. Oh. They'll stop it. Hogan and it is now. You think you play and I feel that he can be hanging out of the known to forget. I got some really good mood on noodle memory and also we got some bold goal he beef lettuce or our staff to make a healthy at a logo lettuce wrap. Eight that went back to the hotel. Planned a day and then we went out again. To. Is often less so that. The hotel that we stayed at the backs oratorio with a right in the senate downtime in Denver that this thing on the sixteenth street mall. We elect a mile and a half two mile street sixteenth street. That's closed off. Two car effort except for the two shuttles. That are free going up and down and has them all you know there's storefronts there's food cards and everything and his Finkel the Denver pavilions. Yeah that would link gets in G a cheeseburger for dinner called the perfect burger at a 5280 eager buyer. And those called perfect burger was very very remembered it was like bacon jam and green Aaron. And I AO IEU. And. Rose Garland a bunch of stuff and evidently doesn't write several miles I was at the Brussels sprouts were man. Or LeBron on the road America but I thought our plan was to get small portions to share some that we can go to more places on the order of one. Basic act after the noodle bar. It early in the new environment or for start in that you don't really need is order one thing it pleases league has more food as we go along and it worked perfectly apt. And another perfect about it. An annual walking back from his burger please let me nine now. Bombers arcade. We didn't although open Margaret what was called for the win which we're learning is coming to the yeah opening landlocked I'll awesome. I had a dream about I can't last name where I played like a huge game at ski ski while I was content. That's a matter and it was a huge thing actually throw him like I was at softball pitcher. I was dominating. Is Katrina anyway is an elaborate with the arcade this verse there and Colorado and sucked. So optimism yeah that's valid point I bought me dinner they went negative a couple of points let me let that we got to go on tired elect to the market and they'll likely have to come back because we have to like cash and needs tickets to make it where. In return to the RK all we came back will come back later. Right now I tell you about boulder. Because after that birthday we woke up the next morning and went to go visit my buddy and Britain Ireland. Nobody bones in boulder to go watch the World Cup final pretty upset that France one. I'll really room for Croatia it went at it and that's. Pretty boring and they'll be on the West Coast regulate. The game of the 9 in the morning and sabaya 11 o'clock we had already watched a World Cup final and a and a it goes chartered let's go hiking and pain we went hiking up mount and he doesn't need is. It was the perfect day to have the first there they'll let. Ninety about a hundred degrees this day now second day. As it went 65 and rainy in those awesome hiking in the rain. You know muddy and dirty tell ya I am not much of an outdoors men I'm not much of like one of the one with the nature here. I love liking now. I'm a huge fan after we take your allegedly lived in California. Both super model now after hiking mountain need us but it's fun that. What it was to me you would imagine. Linda that a visit boulder commercially now. They only got you got the mountains over here you got the bike trails over a year in the park she walked look like that's what we're doing we're climbing up this mountain. You know I thought we like to add for a visit older. It was rainy there is dirt all over us we had a dog with us. That's not think everyone's so friendly on the mountain so many dog I'm relieved she is not. Bart just about a brought my dog Iraq's on the mountain when he's huge jump off the mountain. There's no way should actually stand path. So that was really cool there of that fun friendly dogs. And then we went a diners drive ins and dives for restaurant. In boulder. Of callebs Obama. And ahead. Unbelievable. Needles needles getting islands and dumplings yet. Bowel albums went there yes because that was done bacterial and manager Evan dives and that's what are. That was another one of articles to visit an answer. Lake restaurant that had been on TV show. Saying. You know that's me A which we did and just as Obama knows. Don't let a little Ole. Hold a law that that. Ten seats now you're the Conner just that it isn't your children out within like five minutes of gender all the food came so quick facts I don't get it like. Why can that not happen everywhere it should be that way. Food should be coming to you quickly because I don't go to Atlantic and ten minutes for saying no no and maybe even minutes. Is Obama is great. And that's right off. Historic pearl street with the deaths that's a lot of them have laid down I think they're saying just a really cute walking past the Gamal local shop really. At times at Milwaukee let's think about this and we got a lot ally Edison and in bird and scary July oh who. Got a cookie voters all that karma to Lotto and the best thing about it doesn't old school candy store. I found some old school Laffy taffy and looking them. Looking for them forever. On the water and one of the nets' season like that supposed to and it it dispensary in just experience that is Spencer relies living in Colorado. Fun stuff bull that was real fun and then we got back into under. We ended up going to games and pizza from the pizza place that we thought had a happy hour. To have a happy hour Marley when there's other mellow mushroom pizza was great yeah. We have the game three pretzel bites so. They are fact that he'd fortunate to have all of us in triple I love it when pretzel its commodities. A beer cheap I saw a stat that election. They should with. She's yet it was really good and we again got a salad just to be a little help I was salad with the ball sonic at. Apple corps damsel. You know and analysts exposed and a thinner we're going to be a good eulogies yeah. It wasn't that there wasn't digital Gergen well that's Allen. We were there that we honestly. We passed out well first I had to keep your cool. And it dominating in our hotel I forgot and others that you want again bears on. Odd character on and we're not good at all. It was pretty embarrassing it and we are right now an effort at like two hours and played three games Null or not down there are two hours to let it. An hour and a half maybe for three games of pool that's pretty probably forty minute but it does seem that Long Island last we ever got thousands streaks. And everything the bath. We did a bath in the hotel it was. They're very relaxed and I honestly is admit their own bubble that. Made some drinks and with them. CD roms with ski and pine apple into. I love dreaming session I love fruit drinks. But many I want to step dumb and deny them a birthday because I was born at 12:22 AM it was pretty easy to stay out like. Feared that my that birthday but we couldn't even do that weird with Bryant that Al the do like actually get into that and I think that led but. It was maybe that was it would also with the fact that he had three hours of sleep. And then he came back nearly five hours of sleep again. That's the billion Italy well Obama bird they're rejuvenated. And ready to go my birthday of the fund average check out I'll tell right away though I'm lever back with ballot again. We did that in. Whitney museum on you know the first Emmy actually got on public transportation all first night and idols. Of course. I do. Dozens of Perth edgy thing to do at birth the average U goaded. Bagels a place called and those new York bagels are ugly they brought Ron. Wailed and things something that was you know at current. Our urge you related with horseradish baking cream cheese. And he had Tobago with that garlic herb cream cheese and it was. Devilish ma. And we ended up. Finding away to. The museum of nature. In science novel we didn't birds. Had to go through the lucky it's half hour of our life. My guess and I forget about if you get about the small it's rewind. We actually went to the arcade again Tuesday and had yet only tennis at the luckiest half hour of my life. Our life is crazy so we got their right when it opened well before it opened we relate to that a lot of people waiting outside got that we would wake up early. And then nothing will be open there was excellence and now. Nose under him they got talent Georgetown in the opens the regular weekday now so it wait for it to open at that finally it dead. All the lights came on we added ten dollars tour card so we literally had that may be. Eight to ten games to play ads say. And we Politico look in this image. If he went I found that involved blades and ski dog actually tennis first shouted steam launch he got the 101000 yeah yeah. And points are often gets whether. But everything changed in him that put. Our card in this random game that we didn't see the floor it was freaky turn out meals and all of the. They're big ears minute imagine. Of all at the top of this thing in the bottom like you know a bundle it all down to the bundle all of the different point values and your menu in all the years with little pegs on until it dropped the ball down and that's not that it got ten yeah I was terrible but then like I was thinking like you wanna try it. And I shudder at ball drop of the anatomy got. That perfect and at a ball dropped in so I asked him to focus and everything talents almost from the ball dropped into the perfect year. And it looked Lago gonna land right in the 500 right in the senate and really no way this can't be I think it took an island five minutes to actually move the ball. Drop in the 500. We got 500 and I take it and from that point on it we're the best marketers want that escape me I want another black. Map blackjack basically. None jackpot. You have to like the press the button to like stop the spinning wheel right apparently exact time elect gets smaller and smaller each time that. And I got after riots and other 500 tickets we are the only ones as arcade to you know to. Yes 4647. Year old losing I he's now in the arcade or roll it out god. And then play monopoly in. Double points on that bunch of bonus rolled into a gimmick to undertake as a monopoly. In men. The final the final cherry on top of that well. Was that we plan this Kung Fu panda and we just couldn't beat it bullet like you and yet and not like the target you let it come through and not the target that showed up on the screen. The last game we only had eight point four points left on our card and surprise surprise this game to eight point four points. So what do we do we play that we got the last level you had to get 33 dumplings in twenty seconds. We had thirty dumped in the late Tuesday left. I ran out we thought we lost we look at the screen point 01 seconds we got off 33. 500 tickets. Again Penn has a bruised hand to prove it again. And we're at it we end of that hidden in a boat people evolve our tickets we got the mode you know that does tongue out at that memory Denver. Brake pedal or the flight home that those under present work mobile apps to the arcade. Now we went to the nature. And science museum of nature and science and this place was huge gap. Wall thing is relaxed in a scary. The green light blue this Christmas you'd need an agent Angela first I think public transportation beat out there. And haul cows for lord. I don't and artists to our Alina donors. Indians are. Versatile and really they're as big areas that we the giant telescope with a son get to see what on earth coming up the line gatherer that is awesome. Russia in lake. Gen art. That literally life. It was the coolest. Thing they're all those super park cartoon he cared yeah like the look after an animated show the others so precise and perfect. Mean out of that. Rupee and dying. Quartz. Ceased. They had my favorite thing I think was. As corporate body rumors something you've got like a card. To those under all of Getty's own machines that would like. Take your blood pressure and you like he could record your Walken might find out what your box at about you and like each yourself a lot at two point nine miles per hour. Lockett like one point six and a slow Carter look I am me and there. And their land there later this one there is a huge frankly didn't do that people like moving balls with their my paints. Like if you relaxed attitude Reno every morning on my view rain let all your brain then the ball would move it was crazy. As the bombers are kid and they are sitting there like probably fifteen minutes and so this kid is his head as I closed he is so focused in the ball is not move in. And finally his mom being in the yeah everybody's. Is pretty upset. Not gonna lie that museum is sweet though because there are also light. Oh. Mummies mummies that goes on tour display error I don't know what did the money to run to our densities girls yeah. Well. Some of them. So there are those that are on loan Google mummy cases were not always there remember. They're right yes there I'm on the mummies are crazy. Oh it. Besides mummy mountain are great effort to mention that counts of the mountains or trade in your hiking and like that's all I thought about how much they're formed in it the perfect track. Tyco and trails to hike up. That's pretty fast in the museum though was. Definitely a trip we're there for like three hours. What are the better news in the Benton and yeah definitely one of my favorite museum that go on June highly recommend and then going back downtown after that. Got some should alarm. A lot on those closest thing I've gotten since I went to Israel and I'll it was from of course a little food cart has some random food cart. The guy can play free soda remembered again how the best places you know it's like and some good stories loaded up this warm really to seek Healy what I had. I didn't feel I need to great ending that was that hung parliament all of a sudden I was gone and I just inhaled it. And so that we. Eight that. You know again and then we went to go in the human body Nate my old college roommate from Minnesota who now lives in Denver. And how it went to go meet him out of it let's go to dinner with him. And that's what are our only real bad experience. Dying lies yeah. In the it was not bad food is great it started out perfectly fine but it all besides the latter are the first in the waiters that that don't wanna be racist but you know holidays and it was like OK wait a minute. The very thing he's edit them and I don't wanna sound racist and then tell historian and a real race story. So we have sketched out a little bit there and it SA. I almost for the first time in my life and in cash yes appeared why we are done in Nashville or over food in our food whatever. After we get from it. Knew that my birthday and they ask them for my deem and pass strains of the patents from ID proved that after we are you ordered drinks with other Cardenas is for the drinks. Whenever there hasn't there OK like 25 minutes go by to a table happening to tables at less than had gotten. After us and at the restaurant is closed now like we're we're trying to get out and we haven't even later. 185 minutes so literally ripping out every at a diner dash out it would be so nobody no employees are in this threats. All in the back there's a table at six and I think they're trying to get all the food out like six it's hard or something. Don't know those notes use this because. Nate was roaming around the ligament you we're gonna maybe leave and a different way just images that was going to happen. Really Pollard is gonna grow later we need to build trying to go into the get vitriol as that's happening and finally the managers shows up with Charles. For my birthday is Saturday against the half hour after the fact and it like spring of Iraq now they just bring a box I don't even want the news. So we get our bill and it surely are on our bill. Not sure why I am and asked for any bird news. Always is bush briefly mentioned knows my birth they read only got there and regardless quality assurance that charges for allegedly told the manager the manager like oh. Well my guys back there are loaded up and they didn't say anything about it. And really it's all we're not pain but you all have a taken off. Still by the way we've yet to see are real waiter. Like 35 minute now our waiter who don't wanna be a racist. Is gone it's disappeared. So all the guy takes off. The Cheerios. And I end up giving him an 84 cents hit. Because Hanna told me that sometimes and give them just changes even worse noted it is so I want him to. Realized that he had messed up. Okay he's not so then we need it suits your sales for that and in his experience ill ask. Donna it. Don't know Donna extravaganza. That doughnut extravaganza. And it was after Elena please start in Portland not as one in Denver and out of undeclared accounting and indulge in Denver we've bused passed it we are going to use you know that day. And so it's just let the budget gourmet and it's. The best light. Late doughnut dole. I've ever had. On man it just it's not too Celine and they're like the fun and doughnut slightly chilly here realign. And today. Arm all. Yet build tree at a level from line of the dominance looks like the voodoo doll with a pretzel and it's hard on my opening match. Raided. Coming out of it it's allowed judges taste that you guys can taste it and the red Greg who quote it now and may well I don't make me go to paying though. Him. And there are bunch more would probably brother around to Milwaukee on the flight with us that a back. But it anyone we've gotten fluid and those very funny though because we got back the next Haas Miriam my old roommate and he's like hey. Yet kind of legacy to my girlfriend's house tonight your article aldermen are not sure so it ended tonight basically on air being naive for the night. Because one of his roommates like never came home and then another that I was saying it and went to a stay with his girlfriend and doing well for us to get her out let it. Private half a mile mile and then elements. Was our last day salute local the next morning and really got to get back downtown Atlanta my end to the Denver biscuit company which does is down so many who never shows channel Joe's got here it was there. Missed it Israeli got a cinnamon roll up at net yeah obviously since minerals. All that pilot and things so good. Cheesy grin just gave me this isn't rated the Friday some of the best biscuits I've ever had the current Denver got ya you've got a trap the Denver biscuit company really friendly great service super fast. From there as a we walked. To the park. Yes just like to Citicorp which does a lot of lakes that you like a monument in the heart and a lot of fountains. Don't really cool a huge part poem probably like. We could walk around the whole pond lake or whatever it was love the other way it laps laps gees we thought was gees it. Who I Wagoner Aggies while we're there and we did it. And we took Matt. At 10 o'clock in the morning with an after party flip flopped and went at the museum errors because their report and. After breakfast. Could edit bots from park to. Yes I know so we took a bus from the park in Denver. To the museum announced that the let hopes that in serum parts of the partners like Osama and museum. We got the museum early before it opened at noon we got there at 1145. So we have sit there waiting for the museum of contemporary art in contemporary art is. Weird. Utterly no houses strident on display is one with Clinton girl submerged in honey yeah the first thing we saw it. In an animated picture. I'm in live action picture is of a grow it is being submerged. Which is the drowning and honey she did not look happy at all. But as our Eric those are made me feel something. One of the just lately interactive you can touch the boxes sit on the bed in my act out Orleans now. Those pretty quote probably the least cool museum on all Clinton went under but does that really fun yeah. Those kind of weird place for the last days we want you know in a lot of ways it's we did that a lot around the sixteenth street mall again Alan my time when shopping and I guess and Q cloud. That buys and shorts because I wore leggings and I was way too high and leggings. And thus began the short the short hunts of 2018. And it took forever and of course the last story Colin. I find two pairs of down guys the last star. Which was bull as the agent and agent and planet in Madrid they came through agent then blew thanks to my shock anybody by the way yeah Madrid and the united. Love him like you go to forever 21000 emperor when he won his hand shopping and that is like founders dual nickel less of a little corner between Lex and you know. Dresses and racks of clothing you know all these girls as Lott I mean apparently McCue is weird ideas Hayden laid out good simple white bread and elect Atlantis Dagestan and access. As you might Jacqui well why are wearing and why. A. I gag after I got hack well guess what ladies that forever when he won men's section media was chatting there. Wasn't. This is visible led to the restaurant that we wanted to go to the whole time and we almost thought we weren't gonna go to you meant them going to it. So we're huge fans of top chef. From last in the top chef with in Colorado. And one of the chassis made it to the finals. Won the Colorado chef. Named Cary bit. And she's got her restaurant called barred though. That is like an Italian place pizza. And shed cup heritage golf fancy coast the big thing that you end option. In this place we showed up early again it opened at the really should of ground to move fifty. You've got to waited outside. Man it's probably the best Margarita pizza and Adam life so simple delicious we went to happy hour in the best all of the best food deal we again as well this is the tap sheath. Finalists a celebrity Shaq who's got the best deals probably index rose one dollar per our Jeannie ball wouldn't like little of the auto balls. The pride and dollar for me and mean lulls in the the drink for the five bucks. Margarita pizza was six. Of fourteen inch pizza. It cost us twenty bucks with. Well I guess I would eat it right now. I gave this guy that twelve dollar tip to make up for the note tip from the Mexican restaurant the night before I get that guy great tips and don't think I'm not a good tipper guys because. He was also very helpful and it's trapped down. In a row carrier letter and I said hey were really big fans and a podcast. From Milwaukee you know one of the untreated yes all we can't really say the less you know I'd welcome addition Dave. But now the last restaurant we went to in Denver and we really glad we did because now is probably. Could be the best known that we had there. We had a lot of good meals now yeah we registered it. The thing about it was that there is not one thing that we were that we like Philly we wasted our we. We did the wrong thing regretted that widely viewed as instead of going here there is there was none of that trip everything to me so easy going and on the use of our time. Of that leg neighbor that the forgiveness of your great birthday and welcome to relive it again yeah. At a really fun time but. Now are back in Wisconsin. And better lately that go visit desperate to grip let's go move that it because the F supplement their possibly. But not lower back and it's. In his prime case. Some with stuff in beer. But. It's another player the air. Raspberry tart no red state hard hat fell through this hopefully it won't be like another sour beard. And ninety man thing raspberry in itself or a little bit sour anyway as the others now now our report out. Ruled great core look at that colors and nice amber colored. Guy great. Great foam. Op carbonate 52 it purposes since Carter assisted T newer cheers. Doesn't have an idea at all this tastes like. Sewed up it is like a black bear sewed up delicious. Part. But not too tart is not like. Off putting part I would say it's partly the raspberry tart yet and it's not like it's like added tart. It's got that line feeling like you know when you drink you feel like you're smelling in the lining unites me has this. The very sophisticated dreamed I would drink this in any restaurant that's like that cranberry grape. Welch's do you would get leaner kids might actually. It is like sparkling grape used while now Lehman's that's exactly what I case. The new glare it makes some delicious beard beard I love new airs. You've been a local. Well delicious. So good it's good that good summer Beers it's really refreshing yes give way to put it this illegal immigrants Khaled who else is good with. Cookies. Could greeting regular and we gotta give us that we promised that the game we're getting to the and the podcast. It that fast and we don't break our promises to run up promise breakers I mean it's just that. Public cookie recipe and you think Canon makes the best cookies and that's the way to make good enough base recipe for a cookie and a taken away. It. Half a cup bladder and Africa. Chris. If you app if you just use water so often in my career. My chickens usually like twelve seconds and then. I think in increments at silence. If you notice six the cookie ruin it is it really relate yes they're all over. Brief treatment. And then he'd be that went. 34 cup of brown sugar dark brown earth reports that right brown should mean light. White sugar lightweight and lightweight. And lightest of sugars. That's organizing creamy and then act and and then Ella. Another pro tip don't measure the measure of anything. Else. Have to manipulate them but never measure Vanilla even if it's brownies cupcake and being done to use. And then an attic and assaults and then all at once linked to throat and I. Know. That today. And then the salt and all wants to throw to. Two cups of flour and then a little bit more sometimes. Two of them that I love them or I don't know like half hour not even a third Cutler report more. Just enough so that it you know is the consistency. Witches. The consistency. And then at tables. With teeth and baking soda. And then all your chocolate chips so to cut usually. And I did today and did a mixture. Some nice week in milk chocolate chip and if you Mecca and Clinton there I chat him up at Mac that you can really pretty and concluded might. Cup boats. You can put in reasons you can put in. And then any. Little hard to. You know sort of a cookie cook garlic pizza and play at top I like to put it all ones because that and mixing it is smaller than time and mixing in the beating such action. And that you get it really moist tender cookies. The few lake when it's really just end. And then in the freezer. And pre heat might happen and stick it in the freezer over point five minute three point 85 failure edited 325. Scoop it out with my Atlanta with Penske. I'd department. Ten minutes and it's important how to chill because this way when it leaks the outside gets nice and speed. And cooked well inside the points. Actually. Mentally that you have the unity and she's the perfect cookie in the best of both worlds. And they have it that they make. But could you that we've been munching on a blog that everybody. Some more of this story is Denver's an awesome place to go on kinda reminds us of Milwaukee a little bit. To do for our agent yes Paul walks. Take a trip to Denver ranked Wisconsin beer. Eat delicious cookies. Thanks for an outlet in the sense that it is today you can see all the pictures videos all the funds up and I institute and at mix producer gave this is also perfect time to announce what the hot dog is going to be for the week last week. Was the walking taco dogs thinks that my friend that told the rat thanks tell. And this week is the shredded chicken bacon ranch in melted pepper Jack cheese. Brought to you by my trainer Joseph collapse go. This is the brand name is to let go train which I just realized is he's a trainer sonics so much sense we'll see you next time you. We got an episode I hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it. You could go subscribe to dish with Davis really easy just go to your podcast app search dish with gave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe and leave me let me a lot bill and I would really like the valuable input they currently sit next time.