7th Grade Math Is Hard!

Wednesday, May 16th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave had some trouble solving an algebra problem from Elizabeth's step son's homework.


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So parents funny feeling to kick destined to help them with their homework. Like seventh grade algebra. Run the other way oh my god this yesterday I'm making dinner and that my son Grayson ask you to come and help them message error and I saw. It's just rough. I don't do math and I got a map and I said I'll be I don't know all let me take a look like kind of figured out. And you British today's a math genius this July face time with producer Dave. And then my husband came home. He tried to help. And then producer Dave you reach out your brother Ziggy. Who's a math teacher you know he tried to figure this out this one problem man and then birdies and then radar this morning you took a picture of the problem I just your son allies connected to know who's studying for his final exams at white water he said the same thing to do today pretty much said this. No solution to this yeah you could be in algebra question with no answer and that was even a possible it. That thing is to come you that you you know you it's an ethical questions Mikey you've seen these answers. And they all have absolute values in the exact value and also one of these tests there's no there's no actual. Equation they make it equal yeah fuel. I don't know insane rate NAFTA and right now I'm so confused and just enjoy her kids. So confusing and the boys actually headed to school right now they're listening to this in the car because they're going their earliest of the breeze and talk to is teacher before class. But I'm convinced there is not an answer we put up on FaceBook if you think you can try to figure this out at a FaceBook dot com slash mix Milwaukee it's. Three acts they closet why thank equals ten. And then three acts equals negative ten minus why yeah salt and why and I think he's at my alma brother who was. The middle school math teacher now is college math teacher and he and he said. There's no solution that that's not busy that I thought the reason why people like its mass is because there's always an answer. But it does seem like an answer to Deanna met his infinity Manning keeps going on in dollars and we never know my answer was purple it's not right. Because that's when I came up with the well depends what Egypt variable in purple PE URP that he Stanford different you know number values yes they'll let you know at a variable is a. Again I thought I thought the laurel and Yoni audio was hurt my I in my head I take a crack at it FaceBook dot com slash mix Milwaukee.