2028 - Mark Your Calendars!

Tuesday, August 1st

Wes, Elizabeth & Producer Dave discuss the announcement tha LA will host the 2028 Olympics


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Exciting news firmware camera irk her her time it was announced yesterday brought in LA at the International Olympic Committee. Has selected the Los Angeles, California to host such when he when he eight Summer Olympics fall where will you be eleven years start saving your money actually sheep. You try to attack the TV on any Olympics have any you guys ever gone Sydney Olympics at all and nuns. I I never gonna need their. For people that golf they say it's. Just amazing and there's nothing else in the world might get to go see all these different athletes some of the best. In the world competing against each other out even if you're like Hank had taken leave track just CNET big and able to suddenly get so impressed with the speed in the muscles and just. The F lettuce isn't of these people record what's your favorite Olympic sports summer games yeah. I'm probably on the track and field the slain. Island huge team handball. It's meant everything lodged in them that really has more of export. Is that really an Olympics I have been serious. It happens. He laid the theme they're great as America act like to watch Americas and I now know. I will start an American team handle team for the Olympics and Tony how do you get yours you get a winning kick ball it's not to. And that's a future where with Europe on a cool way that he had college. Grade about the Olympics is that. Here locally if you think about it in the states when it comes FL do you like the NFL that you have your own individual team that you root for and work with a coworker that like a competing team when it comes to the Olympics. 9% of people talk to you are rooting for the same team you are because we're here in America right so it's like pac comes together for the kind of. I don't know what it no matter what even it like team handball and though I think yours if successful art it's not the best thing is it's not but that being said if America's nodded and root for anybody. I mean like your sole loyalties are still those America might I won't I won't root for Germany anything I won't root for not clearly don't think. You know other certain countries that dominate at certain sports. Educate as per yesterday Tina Campbell who is like the team to watch out for Norway is really good Hungary Iceland. All those. It started on a lock on yeah bettered his big. Arm of people who are tall resembling strong injuring a tank and an owner. That he got a line colleagues and they did it though it's awesome and I that's the way the great thing about today I think you are working on our hearts being here Concord area handball player.