2018 is your year to add some color to your life!

Tuesday, January 2nd

How do you know which hair color is right for you? Don't be intimidated, this process should be fun! Host Elizabeth Kay wants to help you make this year your best yet with hair tips and advice from stylist and salon owner Scott Yance from ScottFree Salon in Milwaukee and New York.

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Happy New Year!


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Well happy new year every once when he eighteen can you believe it where has a timeline. I can't believe that this podcast fifty shades of Cain is coming up on one year crazy. But what a lot of people are talking about now that's a new year is maybe this is the year for you to make a change something that perhaps you've always been thinking about. And perhaps it's your hair color so I joined it's got dance owner of Scot free salon located in Milwaukee downtown. North Shore and New York which of New York literally just flew in from Manhattan yes well the army had now think you love this is my favorite podcasts are. Your credit back at. Nothing like waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning like I do and that. Here pony tail and thinking I'll (%expletive) guys coming in that does here for a living. But those that I have a little twist around the back of the Paula you know what I love you've been watching a loved and I think it pony to you have to do something like. Philbin right to make it just spice it up a little bit you put a little bit ever. I wake up at three so bear with I hate you look amazing well thank you for joining me we're talking hair color. Wanted to talk to you in the way you look. Saved my sister Rachel's arm and that makes me happy let me tell you what happened to her academics and the other salon but she had. Is in December her twentieth high school reunion only no pressure right Brian it's your reunion too big and she wanted to get her here Collard and she went to her stylist and her stylist wasn't available Selassie that the putter was someone else is is not add Scott freeze on by his fifth set thinking that disclaimer and at Scott salon. And the woman and a completely disregarded everything my sister totally. Hot. My sister's always Ben a dark Brunette al-Qaeda actually she has dark hair growing lack attack dark brown. And the woman made her red owl and her reunion was in three days. So she panicked and then she's sitting there going who like call who's gonna do a good job who can I trust who can get in writing and was coming up. So she colleges so on downtown on CNN. Her hair color is taking care and it's the best hair color she's ever had and now they use you as a customer for life that made me happy yeah. That's our job to do you champions now tell me though one teams dated someone that's thinking about gasoline and collar because you can go as extreme as doing your whole had a you can just do a couple of low light highlights. Absolutely you tentacles all across the board and so that's a really loaded question Yunel. Rushers and I tell people is do your research you know it's so easy now we hire Smartphones and Wi-Fi and all that Ainge can easily researched. Any salon in stylist any product so do your research first and once you get that and you called Ceylon. What her answer the phone will be more than happy to aid to pair you with the right person was that so we you know like if you're like. You know what the debris now my whole life and and I don't wanna be rad that receptionists or you know customer relations person be like oh we you know lot. You would be great with so and so you know and so. Do we know research is a big part of that sue you know kind of what to expect him. On the side of stylus. Be open to the process. Because sometimes we have this idea in mind that we want to we see a picture we you know. Have a celebrity in mind and we we want this hair and now why today we do all the time right you see some scene on social media or your interest in you say I want that exact deicing. And and we I can't tell you it happens at least once today in the salons where you know somebody can comment again Brunette and one of the bright platinum white we try to coach the Milan are like this has been film did you wanna do and a couple hours ago. Kim Kardashian who has grown her signature black hair and all of a sudden she has. Blond hair band yeah I mean but that still is a process we see it like it happened immediately. But the truth is that happens over time you know and in order to maintain the integrity of your air. Get the right tone to doable things. You can't really do those things that quickly you now so there's realities and so my advice is always. Please listen to the professional whoever your stylist is. And trust the process that they wanna take you through and what on someone that is starting to show a little bit of grain. I have come via RSS. I asked to Japanese and sparkle. Back yeah. I'd also I'd I'd sort of low maintenance when it comes to collars to write I don't want to break the bank yet either I want my journal note. Totally when you commit to having to do your whole head a couple different ways to do that. One there's very semi permanent things that you can apply yourself to kind of match you're hair color that comma with the shampoo that you put on you know. In the morning or whatever before your event on and that's like the most temporary easy way. The second easiest way is like what we call a semi permanent type color. And that's something that isn't going to cover every grade. But it's gonna connect camouflage a lot of them and colors and covers some of them OK and then it's just kind of washes out all over time so you're not gonna get roots you're not stuck to. You know you're it's very low maintenance the other thing that we'd do in our Salina and I know now also wants do it's I think it's great. Is we do what we call Munis because. Is certainly always the money that you're worried about opens the time to ask you know who can comment on B 234 weeks for a republic Swan Lake itself is still busy. So what we do is we go through kind of where you part your hair select that top and then your hairline. And that's all we do how long does that take effect. You know half hour forty minutes and enjoy your house yeah and then you come in you don't like media every other time you get the full works or Arab you know every two times you've reports. But you can pop in from minis to maintain it. And look great now scout what are you scene for her hair trash is when it comes to Toni T and trends oral across the board when it comes to color I think we're gonna continue to see. What we're calling these fashion colors you've seen on you know these blues and greens and reds and he's really bright colors I think we're gonna see more of that it's becoming more and more mainstream and nine. Having doctors and lawyers and professionals and people who you wouldn't typically how these more. Funky punk you type colors start to pull them off. I love hearing that I always wanted to do well it's good or seen on television. I don't know sometimes it by TE OL a lecture here to be the distraction when you're doing a story dares to say that doctors and the players and people aren't we and you know you could do it an undercover wait to we don't. Have to do our whole head maybe we could take a little section from underneath then pull little whatever blew through their whatever the color might beat. And so you know when you're out with your friends departure hair and a little bit different way and it shows up a little bit more color and having to professionals for. Perfect speed but I guess Patti I mean let Fiat will have a couple sides still dreaded no no no I advocate of our hair reflects that. And it's got what about the people that are making an hair mistakes avatar like a loaded question to you yes I guess let's talk color. Are there color mistakes are not really can feel good that you racquet like how do you feel about that you know what and. Yeah yeah yeah I totally go it's saint. I wanna say hey you know the two parts of me like we just are tired and that's led the human part of me says you know it not teams wrong as long as chief you'll call to win you feel good about yourself that's great expression it is but the reality is I lived in a world based on trend. In that trend I think you know what's happening now what's becoming progressive. Let me make this a really long answer and so so her I had ever seen. Back in the day you remember we used to put like thug a plastic cap on our hat and we pulled a hair through and wait bleach on it and that's how we would highlight. And then you know an eighty's and ninety's we started T useful oil right and that made things look a little bit natural. Now were doing the technique were really just painting and on you might have heard the word. Ollie it's it's a way of kind of highlighting. Or lightening here or just adding color to it. But not easing oil were really just painting that on the hair and it's a lot more subtle. Or you see people that it looks like they have a little bit. More grown out rude now you know I mean it's darker closer to the base and and it's later. That's how we achieve that so we're seeing things going a much softer way so when I see. Really oiled hair really heavy highlighted hair when I conceit you know a blonde streak. Unlike old known unknown. Now that's rock that you know because it's just it's just become mean. Out of track and you don't wanna. Pull your hair back and pony talents he stripes are ahead that it's not I get. Does the hair were on at this time you know maybe in a month it'll come back in and that's what we all want but at this moment we don't want them. Now who would Hollywood whose hair do you see often that you just say every time he or she shows up it's cheap and she don't like it and and I think it's funny people are always shocked when I see this but I really. Love her hair because they really love her courage is Kelly Osborne. All he -- done right they gamble like she always does this a meeting whatever is the latest super trend she's in on it and I think she pulled that off well I think she does it in. A nice classy demeanor that makes people wanna look like curb makes people wanna try to look like true whether it's the style of the clutter of the color. She does a great job and it suits her to it I think it's like it's right now exactly it's very suitable you know she'll dye your hair. Purple and then curl it been like a more forties you know classic way Angela great enough. Do like Fred. I made easy by frank Dana who does has a morning show saga has that green hair love that I really love that guy looks amazed that he does she looks beautiful place. Can everybody pulled off. They kits and again that's something you wanna try last year color of cedar stylus you know believe them if they're like oh huge probably shouldn't go in this direction. And it's only because of there type of hair is at their skin tallest and biggest companies you're right it's also what it's a clot or color when we're looking at something. We're probing those questions what is your lifestyle you and I were just talking you get up at 3 in the morning and pull your hair back. You don't get you but I guess you know grew out what to give you a look with really short layers that you can't pull back you know that wouldn't be good free so. Were always looking at all different things whether it's your hair texture whether it's your skin type whether it's your lifestyle. You know we wanna do what's best for you go they're not going to be happy otherwise I suppose that there are not happy rat and I look and feel their bass and that's a still a projection of themselves and reflect back. Exactly you know what exactly and that's held your completely right now I think it's funny because it's like. Today so when I go back and listen to this you know when we aside I'm sure you do it too when you hear your voice like. Oh my god I don't sound like that rightly guy that's not my voice like do I really sound like because we're hearing ourselves objectively. If you think about in the same time as how we look at ourselves. We never really see ourselves will we see yourself in pictures Serna reflection of a mere. So we're now looking at ourselves objectively you don't CU the way you mother sees you or your stylus sees you or your meets easier right you now so it's a weird thoughts so. You have to kind of like Lech goal and trust the person who's looking that you objectively and say. I hate this color is not going to be good for you I know you really want it. But we should do this or this instead really trust in them in and finding a stylus they are internationals but other professionals and you know when I look at when I was somebody. If you were in my chair. We become partners in this right we want the same goal we want you to look a meeting. Again. Not till I get paid I can take out billboards the on radio shows TV shows but that's not how I get customers are customers by word of mouth. Like my sister and Ryan had a success. And here's a lot after somebody beat her undergrad and that's totally and then she's telling her friends look at Manny seemed to me you've got a goal and and that's how we get customers so it's in our best interest make you look mean easy. When you go to the supermarket to the gym or herb party or restaurant. I want people ask me where you get your hair done hello to me easy. And that's how I build my business and natural each individual stylus builds business. And in turn makes money sell you out we want the best for you trust me no we go another ruin you. Right now when you talk about it getting customers and people that I may be losing this grinding keep like you know lion I wanna break up of my stylist and I wanna go to. Scot free salon Hillary keynote with style and hit you talked about this on the radio host. It's like the hardest thing for people to do you why it feisty hates people that are looking to do. The main thing I tell people is it's we harder for you guys then for us you know like I I think. For some reason we kind of as a client as aghast jumped to my site. We create a friendship almost write or edit and get a yeah write a book about what you are my guys straight down. It's crazy but I think people Banfield out loyalty and they might not even like their hair but they like all I really love Scott and I know with kids names and I know when his birthday is and I don't wanna leave them. It's okay. I don't mind when my clients aren't somebody else is chair it's totally okay because sometimes you need that fresh. Viewpoints. You know maybe our times online you know maybe my schedule doesn't work your schedule doesn't happen. It happens a lot on meaning there's new. A you know up and coming stylus that you really love their static or the way they do hair and that's totally OK it's fine I also think like. It's personal relationships you know if you are thinking you wanna get out of their relationship people other person probably is too self. Well here and did well it doesn't want them to say something to you directly to lumpiness hey it's not personal it's this. You don't they just got dark yeah now now now I mean really does not minding your I have you're gonna see somebody else like goal try one of one the other stylus in mice the law and the a bigger deal to the client then I think it is some hair stylist on yeah. Yeah he is you know we see you have to understand you know Harris says see anywhere from. Ford is 68 to 1012 people a day that's a lot of people in a month's time. What. I've heard you've got to you yet you do Fiat Fiat. So it is okay it says it's an okay thing and yeah I get the idea is if you to break up with your you don't have to send him flowers or anything it. Ball flies in the and it felt one more question I wanna ask yeah what are your thoughts about this dry shampoo is such a thing now yes. I saw someone put on on social media you know legally cica hacks and people talking about totally wash their hair once a week twice week item in a wash my hair every single days now just a way. Would think about that still. I think you know as we're talking about earlier it's one of the trends we see today. The look in hair like you said I don't watch her every day it's better that second day isn't it that third dale looked at me and you don't. Writer I do anything it totally but if you go to the gym and you're slated you do this or that you know we need something so essentially. Dry shampoo is like eighty powder almost right you know it's just gonna get that access moisture out its. Enemy compare smell banner so it is a really good thing it's a really great trend it was big and like the late 67. Yeah just like these these cycles you know and so. At the moment I think you know here is really soft and really natural and it looks batter after the second day her third day without washing itself tried chimp who's really sensual in today's world than and I think it'll still continue to come. Any debt and to mention what we're talking about before and now they're calm mean in colors. So I if I would have no one I would brightly yes so I have one for sake brown haired that you could use that help Kemp flies. Those little grades everyone's so I'll I'll I'll send you some on the fence them out here everybody yeah. Drive right before we wrap up since you are the guy behind the salon are you accepting clients do I totally do. We don't create what it no legal the one thing I aid. Dislike about my industry is. And I'm sure lectures there's an awful lot eagle you know and now I know early and on to do then we'll take that. I love doing what I do and you should love doing what you do and if you don't. The get out of bed I wanna see new people all the time it keeps me energized and inspired and you know we wanna turn people onto what we're doing on a daily basis and are signs because it's very cool and it's very different and yeah I think my clients literally almost every day and I have a beautiful facility title and they don't tell all WA AF. New York OSX. Yeah all of our open at least you know what it where it worked out really good we're trying a new type of model so for anybody that knows New York come were in Manhattan were in midtown Manhattan right at the pace of Central Park. It's a little bit higher end neighborhood. And I share that we call it the style sweet I share it with actually draw that's from Milwaukee on Jesse fresh shall. And she's a clothing stylist so she. You know is the buyer you know if you need clothes you buy you dress she that's sort of thing. And we kind of share the space so it's really this style any where we have personal sessions and look at these Wisconsin emit well yeah all right right where where where were like cockroaches are taking over and lineups killer out there and this particular client from the upper east side in the upper west side. Likes that personal attention they liked app privacy. And sold that's what we're doing out there so it's private sessions with myself or you could see. Myself and Jesse or sometimes we have parties going on and I'm mount there a couple times a month taking people and you know it's just become a commute now it's kinda weird looking at you with your yeah or Jameel design do you feel like I'll what their requests hour when it comes to hair in New York a very different then the middle class not middle of the New York Atlanta this year in the last you know it all I think like censor the Internet the world's become very small still. I think we are doing the same thing here would trust you the same Lorena Herron the same we're doing the same makeup. As they're doing in New York or London or Paris you know there might be. A little edge here there but not much would really does move would really right there with the. Yeah hockey now with our right plus yeah yeah Bennett a pleasure to talk to comment I think you see you on TV and I seasoning our man today. G. Think you Masai. Thank you you can tell you really love what you do I do Scot free salon website. Scot free salon dot com has all of our has all of our salons on there and all of our stylists on the Aaron everything and are you guys on other social media platforms where we're on face the ground is to Graham you know we're on everything and says that the world today right. Lorenzo reaping I don't even now. Somebody that you treated the sub vivid and the I didn't know I had sweated a funnel tax. Well surely everything up on the on our website at night and I won the mixed dot com and on our social post we'll make sure to have everything linked up. And maybe 8118 is your year to make a change. Maybe it's also your year to finally silenced the and a break up with the other want a pity if anything going to be fine I love to talk to you think we ought to really enjoy this is my first time doing this for me sir I don't think you. 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