2017, The Year Of...

Friday, January 5th

Producer Dave and Hannah give a quick run down of what happened back in 2017 and talk about some interesting things already happeing in 2018. Plus, they give their delicious recipe for shephards pie.


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Hello welcome to another episode dish with Dave the first episode of the new year 20:18. I am your host Dave. And then joined by Hanna though Hanna. So we're here today. For our first. Podcast at 28 teen handling it back. At the year that was. 27 team real quickly because. I'm just curious and I guess like what what what we think big year of 2017. Is gonna go down like Tony seventeen the year. What everybody's got to have an opinion turning 78 errors this little crazy a lot of like. Historical things happened in this year yet there was a lot of big major. Major events and a not only in the country but in the world I feel like we couldn't go and date without having some new crazy story coming out. Yeah ads on this. Cycle already over into 28 team that's a little list little list and I got a read off shortlist. So yeah panel Judas read option C let. Sparks our memory and I think you'll be surprised. How many of these things actually that we're actually when he seventeen yeah. Okay. So. Well maybe starting and kind of disappointing note board is into the agent I forest in number there are those Facebook. People or FaceBook lighting things they probably shouldn't have been faced a gliding on the yeah FaceBook live track but they Abbott thank goodness they did because they're in line way FaceBook live trend yet. And it really was are there those who teenagers who beat up like. Mentally handicapped kid that was on January 4 yeah and yen. And then two days after that. Was our very first terrorist attack in the airport she can't. Cash. Start. Interest or to the year. Let's see this was the year of the clips are all the includes those fund that does kind other clothes are in that. That was Al definitely wants a lifetime event. There is the unicorn France you know I was not with. Delicious but Ellis. 'cause that poppa John by by pop out and has recently Julia but hey Lil Jon says that he is. Ready to take the job indeed as CEO well I'll definitely get ready and it doesn't accurately they're gonna just had to change is bound to pop a jail and. Because less load Jones doesn't name and an aide put it Lil in front of the pop a little talk a little Johns. Like it or a couple of jams again. If they kept recipes and and let me patted on Amazon bought whole foods and elected by adulthood and then slash the prices and Catholic Thursday. And then also and people buying each other there was a Disney just bought boxed them changing the whole terrorist scope of the marvel I did edit universe. And scary that there is flakes nominees. They're the beer companies shouldn't be dying out Sony's market. A cat as mouse around if you hear intrigue in the senate passed the background Phineas is in studio again he loves bags. He's a bag and. I was speaking to bags. It's this isn't played that guy was dragged out the united the doctor. So carry on bags and united off person yet the fortunate and then now also on united and one that bunny in the super big money. Largest money they're all of that at that same air war as the document and turned up zone. Yikes we're back from the PR person that bear. I don't have any incidents and Austin. I don't know and if I don't know like bad not by choice it. And it. Plan. Let's see this as they year. Net neutrality. We lost it when your last net neutrality. But we won Doug Jones. Against Ryan bar. I was injured I find it interesting senate race we had the whole thing about. Transgender people being unable to serve military that was it and that was rent one of the first things. Trent did I remember. He hit a lot of things to Mahoney wouldn't let let Muslims in the country. Yeah the the floor and then. Well I don't heroes called I remember that little thing. It was that I needed break we break okay crops are parents. He. And not good things on this list hurt at all in shooting. And being means manmade disasters. The amount possibly the most disappointing part of Toni seventeen was Phelps vs the shark. My you remember that. Larry remember that through a fish don't the most. How looking forward to like an actual shark next to Michael Phelps in the open water racing down how cool all for that life. But no I get us some stupid CGI shark are on top of that body. Not. Cool well apparently not cool filters the shark. Keys Wellesley and last but not least the top of disappointing. And seventeen in as an out of it funny that one of the best community year because it's got. So much political humor and you can be whatever I bet it just that comedy that is dates ship. Getting rid episode degree. It's not a great it is to stand out. He just that girls get reports that have got to at least two more on New Year's Eve which are genetic and I'm Madeline has as Rhode Island. The fourth time that OJ Simpson days about you're favorite comic command. Shout out Dave. They've left out last and at least that's again that's a good night and that but I mean that and I'll ask some analysts to meet and talk about also obviously as the year of speaking out. Need to. Sexual assault and harassment claims on and in. It's a lot of ground our this year yeah it's been a lot of good callers are at girl power or other top three movies. Of 2017. Hours left jetlag Beauty and the Beast and one wanted an eleven month. All three female leads. Beggar on very different movies yeah all yen different movies but the dollar big budget and. Two. And let's see wonder it was directed by Iowa yup. And you know and in the beast a beast to via. So now that's more like a 5050 stall. I think relationship. Take several it is Nestle a lot of stuff happens like seventeen and it obviously much much more and I think forty certainty moment if I had a good day take and it only seventeen. The year of tons of she. Right. A year act to. Yes you'd go down in the history books. So. Tom. Move on to 2018 were a weekend. And it's January 5. So all we've already had the most epic epic cold surge in violent and at least. I was just reading that. Every state in the United States has been below freezing in one part of every stage this artery in below freezing this year that's why isn't. Hawaii how are not my brother lives in Charleston Ziggy he has got. Snow for the first and he could go to work out like two inches of snow bridges were frozen them eaten. Yeah Atlanta Alan we're trying to fly home. Our flight kept getting delayed because you know ran. Airport that's. In the power outage. While that was crazy a crazy experience that is what he's seventeen but sought 48 into a story are the Vincent. And interesting things happening in 28 teens like doll. A gem. Seine that day. Open naked fit class this is. Pets and Jim. And that in some famous people who go to Hanson Jim Rihanna goes there. Tom Cruise goes there. It Roberts goes there I don't know they had these naked classes themselves but just feel like in all and all the the best decision that naked gym classes that I am. It's that we're living in right now word literally. I can't do it like literally dominate and they act genders to sit and I don't think say. They would have like female yoga classes. Just new naked fitness sessions. I mean I think this is set if you're not comfortable being naked. They have new underwear view but guess what if you're not comfortable being naked did probably not gonna sign up for a naked gym class. Maybe even some average. But would you sign up for an eight engine that you never did clearly don't want to get over your career. How to not just that kind of risky risky in this Bennett and I would senate Democrats now because I think all the people signing up for the class typically don't. Prob true that. I'm sure it just that's just literally as you are asking for controversy that's asking for controversies. That you know are. And Florida. I guess ultimatum. But some bats. So 2018 so far there's also all been article all the Daily Mail put out. That's as overview our motive is wrong. All remote that you like use and music for the wrong reasons I wanted to go to some of the the motives and a cat just gotta say I don't use a lot of analogies I summit just to describe if you ask you what you think it would be used it or what I would he's innocent. Yeah and where you put it got so so there's there's in the mode he whiff. A big building with an eight Janet in a pink cart. What do you think that's chancellor. Hospital that would a lot of people think it's cancer hospital but no Iran. Actually stands tour. Love hotel. It's a low volatile all of our our. Amorous couples so like if you just wanna go to a hotel or somebody to send them that we're all yeah. I don't know hotel and then and that's has everything it what you do night hospital Monty actually means love hotel you know that. Yet secretary pick up mine. And the next Monday as does the Modi. A face a yellow face with eyebrows pointing downwards looks like your clothes and smoke my idea knows. And a frowning face what do you think that means. Can lick your little like a bolt battling throat yeah purple and. A very frustrated. Right people think it means angry. But it's not supposed to represent change gears supposed to mean that you looked proud in disdained. Disdainful. Cock and disdainful. Well you're like I'm right you're wrong yet satellite link really handy in math at a private man seems like. Your average. It. You know should be in the okay. Mean it's who knows Greg you know on a couple more is promoting it to hand side by side that. Got an addition of a WOK. What that means. Com. Clinton's. I. Think it gets people's Cuba let's say that they think it means what ever. Iron. Have very AM action there represents. A hug. It what you're sure to be able hugging and then went. That makes about a looks much senses x.s and analysts. Don't like Hosni kisses and taxes and get on the ground in extreme cases o's need hugs. Cornell is not a aggressor irons he looks pretty. Symbolic pose like all you take a look on the person and yeah I. I don't hear really bit so dynamic and yet little bunkers come out on a case you. X gonna crop it lips and so. A more normal AM original analogies x.s and it's one more one more. EOG you know gene there is a Adam OG. A cast and skillet. With a Friday. What do you think that means. I think that means. That is it Saturday morning Andy gets on targets immigrants like our cap and menus and a little acts as all that. So all you do is just on a Friday expect your fentanyl an afterthought in aka. While some people think it actually means quite literally just trying to nag and if that makes sense aegs. But no it just represents the general active could mean. That's a good one and that because the next thing ought to talk about. Is. How people meaning their babies after food no this is an article came out last year but obviously these babies were being born we're born. The league baby's 2018 sought including into the 2018 conversation. So there's 27 through names that parents are giving their babies. The Huffington Post article that found. Food names of banner out for Aaron Brown. I English teacher named cookie. Yeah nobody ever heard the name. Basically. His vehicle for a kid 22 girls embezzled sixty boys. Bottled. Ball personal note that Basel in. Austin hollers. And I think they're great on the tenth. Well I didn't let it go this evening they like you know. Olive there's a lot of people on the answering your name ginger. Pepper. JNJ yeah gender not many that you think. Sage. The names age comes. At you from New Mexico. Sage who isn't it there's some of those lists these names the list yet Lenin. How scary. Cahill and machinery came home. Sap frogs got a Beatles millennial scale. Yeah US shirt that says KOE I would never in my Kate Cahill out of Lincoln harsh name apple. Clementine huckleberry. Political way. Medical. Eight girls and locally in the world yes. I am. Another eight giro I have Barry. Spelled BER are alive in their misery and Elliott at Miami but I need any fruit. Let Barry Obama. Coke have. Yeah we got in Noory. Jerry and I don't think jazz is main actor I mean as a really if you named Anthony named after jasmine rice jasmine flowers just of flowers food. There edible thing. I don't drink that jazz and T saw the trend and maybe your kids. After food. So I ask you Hannah. Your name the kid after food. Is reporting duties with lovely flute and with the rest of the ultimately it did your shepherd's pie recipe. But before we do that what name I guess would you give your kid after a food. I don't know I think that's just welcoming like. Bullying into the you don't need the one thing he would give them like a dish if you want. Wherever have a funny SI had a son. And his name would be. Missed. Off the Romanov stunt all their dollar goes the broad enough and noticed at all. I love I think event in likes the old enough he has snapped. Back or to the body builder yeah Audi a macaroni. Morality in golf Mac that you call Ronnie. Roni you meet. Row you anything you want good macaroni. Four syllables with their own beach he not be just and something with it and public net after Ned stark so macaroni Ned in an auction last and cheese. And boom missed she got what there's nothing better than again unable geez you know he's. Dead it was delicious. You may really get in she's in. May and June. I've cheese and cheese lol and achievement geez. It's such and do I so. That's our our take on 2017. Was gone when he eighteen this year but before we leave via. Here is the best shepherd's pie recipe here. And we got a secret. Then you don't want to use whatever you're making. Potatoes now general self are shepherd's pie we had to do half of ground beef and half a lot of land. More expensive it's ultra fine you wait ticket Atlanta calling the places. I problem let Madeleine is Atlanta there. Like. Yet but it is frozen but it's fresh. Of the winningest frozen but as far as that well it's frozen to that we take it out fresh and put an impound the that's not a edit in other words like Cabrera now you had any fresh editing and I got a got the freezer and it or not. So that that that work out but we we did a fine and it. So elected so it like it shepherd's cottage pie and yeah I guess it's a mixture. Slow but it also veggies yes the that you like to use immunity. Carry it. Onions Ireland corn and peas. It is yes it is probably whenever you want them really of course but he's had great colors yeah it worried yet. Well yet. Green. Yet or I nationally if you could just like a glass elkington called seed Illinois political activities in ratings is lethal. What do. Put down there and other the entertainers for a little bit better management. And right on top of that though there. Cook it all down those cook you know that I get a little bit soft at some garlic apps and they leave. But it didn't matter to take the daily I'll I remember how many poet and remember to tell it there it is now you don't wanna cue on the. Although it is good luck if you get the game. Yeah but not eat it as bad as bad Tony yeah not bad timing yes. So once you get back argue that. Agree that we can make integrated with the B and that important agreed unity enough so throws flour in the thick and upload it collapse. Just picnic tables. And then. But in ligament whatever broth. You used to make it back on that he's back. He's beast that because a deep ditch. So yeah that's more of that in a little bit maybe like half a cup app that's saying. Thicken up wider cook and it could you don't want this to me like a loose you want the title holed it shape and scoop that you see relatives like dissolved into. Agree penis rent the want to beat you want that the flower in the broader them of links that you uses exactly you don't want to be super oily like Ron and of course you do need great to take an oath of Matt Canada the top part of a shepherd's pie I had a fire and mash potatoes like the borrower mashed potatoes and and a pretty well cubes commend all oil quicker. No it's amazing he make things smaller they could quicker some people don't understand definitely dark if you don't overlook them. Once you get them there Cutler fork tender easily stick a fork in them while they're boiling. Drain them. In that same pot the accompaniment. Put in some butter. Butter and milk yeah warm it up yeah all of them. But the potatoes back in their match around I'd say it's his two best friends utterance. Can never have too much patterns on never let's one of our rule never too much garlic photos and Carla aches and pat her and then the secret C. It's. You wanna get some heavy whipping cream. And lit up you know just like you got a little political argument that it was without. I would say. Like a fourth caught you might use all that you. Until makes a whole main actor he lipped about and you definitely have a sort of like that but we did that. What it's like loose loose to median stepped peaks. You're just gonna fold in India mashed potatoes and it makes himself fluffy so smooth no light so soon. It's a year literally just adding whipped cream in tears mashed potatoes Drake makes them whipped it has honestly try it you gotta do that then you guys who don't ask you got thirty veggie mixture meet layered Betemit earlier down and then potato head down usually about half and Alia college Afghan ratio yeah too much of one at not enough for the other because I remember those editors are really light and I can really get dense heavy rain like potato players you want happened had we like. Make it on my thirteen man nine hands you make it whatever size you want honestly you know. That doesn't matter we like putting chino sprinkle the cheese on top cocoa. Today. Don't Janelle. So law and bake it big yeah like it's a 375. But everything cook remembers those really just want to achieve that kind of held it together. Ten minutes fifteen minutes Max you know that she's Brantley you can see you know on sighted near. Collapse in Portland and makes and in Indonesia that use it down and use. He's like you ought to royalty. In the olden days actually rookie they would each advertised rate shares I was like. Isn't it. It hasn't yeah I mean that president food call me a peasant well. Right. Vitaly I had to take them. I've been set at five does lynch one of our front goes great with either some red lying or like a dark. It. And especially in this cold cold weather that's all over the country. Shivered by the great party dish that I gotta tell you right now there's and the warning now there's a lot of poster artist country Sokol now for Al so from frozen. Yes Al Saud and are following a serious Louisiana police department put out a wanted poster for Elsa. With a huge reward and cheddar alive. Better I think satirist you think that tiger if you will bring in Mike Elson. Let's head up I've got out of you reward the report it to what the real reward I think it was like a hundred million dollars. Yeah Alex and create some. They don't million dollars or my and that's the attitude is stated I haven't als W. It is a hundred million dollars. Debtor realize she's over in line Norway or something right Denmark. She's in Annandale. In fictitious land. And the fictitious place else matter at present I ever talk about alpha from frozen here. Soaring. So that's the first broadcast Tony eighteen dish with Dave thanks to an end and we'll see you next time I.