Tony "Radar" Hess

Weekdays (5AM - 9AM)

Believe it or not, Radar used to be really shy. But then – he got a recorder for his 12th birthday and would create “pretend” radio shows with music and sound effects! Naturally, he went into radio and started as an intern in 1998. In his free time, Radar loves to volunteer in his community. You'll see him offering up his time to the Hale High School softball team or any event that happens in West Allis.

Did you miss a show? You can catch up with The Morning Mix On Demand now! The fun doesn't stop at 9 o'clock - we have an Elizabeth & Radar Aftercast (with Producer Dave) featuring unflitered debates and conversations about life, pop culture, and whaetever else comes to mind. We invite you to eavesdrop and be a part of the fun!

Radar has been a part of Milwaukee radio listener's lives for almost two decades now which gives him a unique perspective as to what's happening, keep up with the latest through his podcast, "On The Radar" now!

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