John McDonough

If you’re up late at night, you’ve certainly heard me yapping on the radio. I’ve been the late night guy on The Mix since back in the late 1900’s. I’m not from Wisconsin, but living here as long as I have, I might as well be. I’m actually from the other side of the border. No, not THAT border – sheesh – I don’t like the Bears either. No, the other direction … I’m from Minnesota. We can discuss the Vikings and Packers some other time.

In addition to being on the air on The Mix, I also take pictures for the radio station, which you can see at our website and our Facebook page. Hit me up on Twitter! Don’t let the Twitter name fool you, I take pictures also for our sister station up the dial.

I’m a husband, a certified mini-van driver, and a parent of three! Haha. Thanks for listening!”