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Expand Your Plant Collection with Cane Cuttings

Improve your plants’ appearance and expand your houseplant collection by starting new plants from cane cuttings. Dieffenbachias, dracaenas and Chinese evergreens often lose their lower leaves, resulting in long leafless stems topped with just a few leaves. Rejuvenate these plants by cutting the stem back to several inches above the soil surface. The remaining plant will sprout new growth. Then use the leafy tip to make a leaf-stem cutting.

Next, cut the leafless stem into 2 inch sections containing at least one bud or node, the point where a leaf was growing. Allow the cutting to dry for several hours. Root in a container filled with a well drained potting mix. Lay the stem section on its side and cover about halfway, leaving the bud exposed. Place in a warm bright location and keep the soil moist as you wait for new growth to appear.

A bit more information: You can also manage tall leggy plants with air layering. You will be able to create larger rooted cuttings with this method.  For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit