Create a Bit of Serenity in your Garden with the 2016 Pantone Colors


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Add some peace and calm to your garden with the 2016 Pantone colors of the year. Pantone colors and the pantone color matching system are used in printing, paint colors, fabrics and more. Each year the company selects a color that reflects the spirit of the times.  This color is embraced by fashion, interior and even garden designers. For 2016 the colors are rose quartz and serenity blue. These colors represent the quest for mindfulness and well-being despite the stresses in our daily lives. The rose quartz conveys a sense of compassion and composure while the serenity blue provides a feeling of relaxation. 

Consider incorporating these colors in your garden. Ramona clematis and costa gladiolus are just two of several serenity blue colored flowers. Add Lady Alexandra Duff double peony, or Odorata white begonia for a bit of rose quartz.

A bit more information:  Consider using these and other Pantone Colors of the Year or their matching system in your garden design. A bit of color insight goes a long way in creating the look and feel of your ideal garden.  

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