The Morning Mix


Can you top the size of this Santa?

Are you someone who goes crazy with outdoor decorations? I used to have inflatables in the front yard. From a Snowman and Snowwoman, to Santa and reindeer, our front yard was a wind machine. Add in the elves and little snow village, I USED to have a big display. The squirrels in our neighborhood...
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Get What You Want in 2020 By Wearing This Color Underwear

Was 2019 a tough year for you? Money problems, lost love or maybe you couldn't quite shake that cold? If you're ready to party away the year on New Year's Eve, you can start fresh and set the tone for the year. Related... New Year's Eve parties in Milwaukee Before putting on your NYE outfit, make...
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Elizabeth Kay with Chevy

Here's why you should put a Chevy under your tree this holiday!

The best gift you can give or receive this holiday season from Chevy!
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If You Love Fried Chicken "Yule" Want This Log

This time of year, you might like your house to smell like cinnamon, gingerbread or a Christmas tree. Well, Kentucky Fried Chicken says you can surprise your family with a different smell this year. KFC is turning to the holiday scent of....fried chicken! KFC’s 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog from @...
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rock concert

Grab Your "Crüe" And Be Ready to Rock Aug 18th

Hair Band fans....check the calendar on your phone, and block out August 18th! That's when, "The Stadium Tour" comes to Miller Park! Thanks to the Neflix special, "The Dirt" fans have been hoping for Mötley Crüe to head out on tour again. They've decided to team up with fellow rockers Def Leppard,...
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radar wishbone

Be a winner and get to make your wish this holiday!

This holiday season, your dinner main dish may be a big ol’ turkey. Just like the lyrics in, “The Christmas Song” sing…. “Everybody knows, a turkey and some mistletoe”, the turkey is a holiday tradition for families to enjoy. Related - Easy Holiday Turkey Recipes Another tradition is about a...
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Christmas tree

Tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh all season

Do you have a real tree up in your house this Christmas? We do! We love the Fraser fir trees. And here are some tips to keep your tree looking and smelling fresh all season long! Make sure to saw off about an inch off the bottom of the trunk before you put it in the stand. These trees sit in lots...
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Photo Radar

Does Outdoor Holiday Decorating Include Thanksgiving?

Each year starting in October, you probably see yards decorated for Halloween. Once the spooky holiday is over, do you go right into putting up the Christmas decor? A great guy that lives in my neighborhood decorates his yard with a TON of Halloween stuff. Inflatable ghosts, a cat and pumpkins...
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Sweet Potato

My favorite sweet potato recipe I make for Thanksgiving

Who's excited for Thanksgiving? ME! I posted this photo on social media last year for Thanksgiving and so many of you asked for the recipe! So here it is: You'll need: 1 large can of sweet potatoes (yams) 3/4 stick of margarine or butter (melted) 1/4 cup sugar 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp nutmeg 2 eggs...
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Thanksgiving Survey - How Big Is YOUR Bird?

Do you like a heaping mound of leftovers from Thanksgiving? Or, do you get sick of eating those leftovers after about....a day? If you're hosting family on Thanksgiving, the big question isn't if Aunt Martha is bringing that awful Jello/nut dessert. You really need to know how big of a bird to buy...
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