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A Different Take On Vacation

I love travelling, but I've been forgetting one very important piece to my trip-taking.
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Does this happen to you in the car?

Does this happen to you as a passenger in a car? The minute the car starts fall asleep. Seems like that passenger seat is more comfy than a bed! My wife is one who will zonk out IMMEDIATELY when we hit the road. It happened on a trip to AND from Chicago. But, it doesn't have to be a...
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Elizabeth's NKOTB Shirt

How to Spend the Extra Sunlight from Daylight Saving Time 2019!

The weather is getting warmer, days are longer... we might even leave the house on the weekend again! We're ready for Daylight Saving time, are you?
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Aaron Carreno on In The Mix

Discover the Hidden Talents of Your Favorite Mix DJs

We got talent, yes, we do! We got talent, how about you? Some people call our Mix DJs “talents” but their talents extend beyond the mic too. Some are more impressive than others and Dave… well, we’ll let him explain his talent. Without any further ado, let’s get to the bottom of their hidden (and...
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In The Mix: Oscars Predictions

Here Are Our Predictions: Academy Award for Best Picture (2019)

Black Panther vs. A Star Is Born vs. The Favourite… who will win Best Picture? Our DJs make their predictions!
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Cure for Cabin Fever

Cure Your Cabin Fever with These Suggestions

Trying to kick the feeling of cabin fever? Watch this video for suggestions!
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Elizabeth Kay explaining her favorite concert

Best Concerts of All Time

For "In The Mix" we asked our DJs what their all-time favorite concert experience was! We can't wait to watch the 2019 GRAMMY Awards on CBS tonight at 7pm (CST).
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Molly on Comfort Food

5 Comfort Food Ideas

Comfort Food is a powerful meal, it brings us back to our roots and carries a feeling of nostalgia (possibly even back to our childhood).
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Elizabeth Answering Question

5 Reasons to Watch the BIG GAME 2019

Who would have thought you can't say a bunch of words on camera, apparently our lawyers... and no they aren't swears. Enjoy a very censored video about the [BIG GAME]!
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