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Noah Cyrus

Aaron chats with Noah Cyrus on Social Distancing

We might be stuck indoors, but here's a couple things you can do to help pass the time...the Noah Cyrus way!
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girl scout dave

Dave's Unofficial Tasting Of The Cookies We All Love

Tasting Girl Scout Cookies is always fun!
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fish fry

You Can Go Anywhere In Wisconsin For The Fish Fry Frenzy

Makin' your way around the state never tasted so good! Check out some of the best fish fry's in Wisconsin.
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A Bath That Is Making People "Heated"

Baths can be one of the most relaxing moments of your day, but this bath might burn ya!
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cottage cheese noodles

Was I The Only Kid Who Grew Up Eating This?

I thought this was a normal comfort food that everybody ate. Turns out I was wrong!
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chicken nugget

Make Valentine's Day Memorable With A Chicken Nugget Bouquet

If your Valentine is a food lover, the "Chicken Nugget Bouquet" will help you win the day!
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website wow

Website Claims It Can Guess Your Name & It's Pretty Accurate

Is this website secretly spying on you?
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