These Are Milwaukee's Most Popular Pet Names For 2019

There's nothing like the feeling of meeting your new pet. You look into each others eyes's love at first sight! Does a name come to you as quick as the love? Maybe you're thinking the new dog reminds you of a celebrity and ya want to name it, "The Rock"? Or after an athlete. Are there any...
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Molly Cruz Pregnant

The questions EVERYONE asks when you're pregnant... and the answers I really want to give.

Growing a human is hard work, and sometimes fielding questions from strangers and acquaintances can be equally as difficult. I must preface this by saying, I know most people come from a curious and caring place and do not mean to be invasive with their questions. Here are just a few common...
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What Are Your Top 5 Comedy Shows?

With Modern Family announcing the show is coming to an end after season 11, I have been on a Comedy TV show binge. Being a comedy actor, I have always loved watching half-hour comedies. There is nothing better than turning on TBS and seeing a Friends rerun on, and laughing hysterically! Well, I was...
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