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Does this decision cause couples to fight?

What decision spoils a good mood between you, and your partner? Is it a decision about money? Kids? Where to go for dinner? My wife and I are always at odds over this one little thing.... How many items can you take into the self check-out at the grocery store? Here's the deal... my wife an I were...
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What's the craziest thing you would do to show off your celebrity crush?

Do you have a favorite celebrity? How crazy are you for that famous person? As a kid, some of you may have had posters of the famous person you were obsessed with in your life. Even now if you have a favorite sports figure, you might wear that player’s jersey. Some people even name their kids after...
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Lottery winner is paying it forward, could you be next?

If a stranger approached and offered you a gift, would you accept it? Power Ball winner and West Allis guy, Manuel Franco was attempting to give back on Mother's Day. Video of West Allis man claims $768M Powerball jackpot While at a Chicago area Target, he offered a $200 store gift card to other...
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Dave Interviews The Cast Of Come From Away

COME FROM AWAY The true story of the small town that welcomed the world. Broadway’s COME FROM AWAY has won Best Musical all across North America! The New York Times Critics’ Pick takes you into the heart of the remarkable true story of 7,000 stranded passengers and the small town in Newfoundland...
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Should you use this new beauty trend?

Did you have a mini fridge in your dorm room at college? Maybe you have one at work for your lunch and drinks. And by drinks, I’m not talkin’ boozy stuff! Haha!!!! Ok….According to a new beauty trend, the mini fridge is also used for storing make up. Is this really a trend, or some fad? See the...
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A Different Take On Vacation

I love travelling, but I've been forgetting one very important piece to my trip-taking.
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Is there a method to buying...milk?

When you're buying milk, is there a certain method you use to pick it out? My mom would always move the gallons in the front, and grab one from the back. I'd ask, "why are you going through so much work, just to pick out milk?" She always said, "The gallons in the back are fresher." I was very...
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Betsy Ade

Update: Betsy Ade Advances On The Voice

Betsy, the Kenosha native, has some BIG news!
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