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Should you use this new beauty trend?

Did you have a mini fridge in your dorm room at college? Maybe you have one at work for your lunch and drinks. And by drinks, I’m not talkin’ boozy stuff! Haha!!!! Ok….According to a new beauty trend, the mini fridge is also used for storing make up. Is this really a trend, or some fad? See the...
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Wisconsin Dells Stop @ Bob’s Discount Furniture 5.4.19

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A Different Take On Vacation

I love travelling, but I've been forgetting one very important piece to my trip-taking.
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Is there a method to buying...milk?

When you're buying milk, is there a certain method you use to pick it out? My mom would always move the gallons in the front, and grab one from the back. I'd ask, "why are you going through so much work, just to pick out milk?" She always said, "The gallons in the back are fresher." I was very...
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Betsy Ade

Update: Betsy Ade Advances On The Voice

Betsy, the Kenosha native, has some BIG news!
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Dave Interviews King & I Cast

THE KING AND I Two worlds collide in this “breathtaking and exquisite” (The New York Times) musical, based on the 2015 Tony Award®-winning Lincoln Center Theater production. One of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s finest works, THE KING AND I boasts a score that features such beloved classics as “...
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The way you squeeze this defines your personality!

Does one of the rituals to starting and ending your day, involve brushing your teeth? We should all hope so! As you apply that dab of toothpaste to your brush, the big debate in our house is where to squeeze the tube! I've always been one to squeeze the bottom of the tube! It's pretty basic.....
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Does this happen to you in the car?

Does this happen to you as a passenger in a car? The minute the car starts fall asleep. Seems like that passenger seat is more comfy than a bed! My wife is one who will zonk out IMMEDIATELY when we hit the road. It happened on a trip to AND from Chicago. But, it doesn't have to be a...
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