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Grab Your "Crüe" And Be Ready to Rock Aug 18th

Hair Band fans....check the calendar on your phone, and block out August 18th! That's when, "The Stadium Tour" comes to Miller Park! Thanks to the Neflix special, "The Dirt" fans have been hoping for Mötley Crüe to head out on tour again. They've decided to team up with fellow rockers Def Leppard,...
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Stuff The Bus 2019

It’s time for Elizabeth & Radar’s 22nd Annual Stuff The Bus ! Hunger never takes a holiday, and once again this year we're asking for your help to "Stuff The Bus" to make sure no one goes hungry this holiday season. We're broadcasting live the day before Thanksgiving from 6am 'til 6pm at the...
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The Band's Visit

Dave interviews The Band's Visit Cast
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Photo Radar

Does Outdoor Holiday Decorating Include Thanksgiving?

Each year starting in October, you probably see yards decorated for Halloween. Once the spooky holiday is over, do you go right into putting up the Christmas decor? A great guy that lives in my neighborhood decorates his yard with a TON of Halloween stuff. Inflatable ghosts, a cat and pumpkins...
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Lindsey Stirling

INTERVIEW: Lindsey Stirling Celebrating In Milwaukee

The famous violinist, YouTube sensation, and America's Got Talent star returns to Milwaukee for a special holiday show, and talks about what makes her holidays unique.
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New Map Shows Wisconsin's Most Searched Thanksgiving Recipe

Now that we've hit November, it's time to put away thoughts of Halloween candy and think food! Maybe you have that specialty dish you make every year, and are set with your recipe. But, if you make something once a year, you may forget how to do it. Google has new research out, that shows what...
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A Mom Thought She Saw A "Ghost Baby" In Bed With Her Son!

Chicago area mom, Maritza Cibuls was home alone with her two kids. Her husband was working, when she put her son to bed. All alone with sleeping kids, she checked the baby monitor and saw something terrifying! A "GHOST BABY" seem to appear in her son's CRIB! When she checked his room, she didn't...
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Producer Dave @ Farm and Fleet 10.19.19

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