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Sendik's Grilling Station Showdown 1.25.20

Radar and Elizabeth Kay went toe to toe at Sendik's Grilling Station Showdown on 1.25.20 !
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west allis

Wisconsin Fire Department Makes Girl A Hero For The Day

The West Allis Fire Department brings you, "all the feels" with their kindness.
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Born in 1999? Then 2020 is Your Year For Free Beer!

When Prince sang, "Party like it's 1999"...did he mean those born in 1999 would party at 21? Ok, that's a stretch. But, if you (someone you know) were born in 1999, this is your year for free beer! Natural Light, better known as "Natty Light" is once again giving away free beer. In October of 2019...
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John Paul's

John Paul's 12.14.19

John Paul's Buick GMC hosted Pet Pics with Santa! Radar stopped by with The Mix Street Team!
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burger and fries

A Milwaukee Burger Spot That Is A Hidden Gem!

If there's something everybody needs to know about Wisconsin, it's that we have some amazing diners with amazing burgers. Well I've discovered one that has been a staple in Milwaukee for years, and I had absolutely no clue about it.It's been around since 1934! It's called MAZOS HAMBURGERS and it's...
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Mix Mistletoe Show

Dean Lewis Meet & Greet Pictures

Mix Mistletoe Show Opener Dean Lewis meeting Mix Winners!
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John Rzeznik

INTERVIEW: What the Goo Goo Dolls LOVE About Milwaukee

In my three part interview, John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls discusses memorable moments he's had in Wisconsin, the beauty in starting a family, and why it's important for all of us to find connections away from our smartphones.
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