Robert Hanashiro, USA Today

WATCH: Bruno Mars OWNED The Grammy Stage on Sunday

By Joe Hyer

February 13, 2017

They say that Sunday was Adele's BIG night at the GRAMMYs, and she certainly did OWN the GRAMMYs stage. But if she was the queen of the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards then Bruno Mars would probably be the king of the night. 

The superstar had a tough job on Sunday. He had to follow Beyonce's performance on Sunday. Imagine following the most-talked-about performance of the night. That is quite a tough task for any performer. But wasn't Bruno the PERFECT guy for the job? Bruno rocked his performance of "That's What I Like" during the ceremony. He would appear later in the night for the tribute to Prince, and that even brought some in the crowd to tears.

His performances were so received that he's seen a huge surge in iTunes sales today. In fact, "That's What I Like" reached #4 on the iTunes chart early Monday morning. We were wondering: why wasn't Bruno's new album 24K Magic nominated for the GRAMMYs this year? Turns out it was released too late to be eligible for this year's awards. The cutoff date was at the end of September, and 24K Magic didn't come out until November last year.  So that means the album was actually NOT snubbed, and it will likely be nominated for next year's award ceremony.  

Our very early prediction? Bruno Mars could have a big night at the 2018 GRAMMY Awards. Is it too soon to say that?  That being said, Bruno's got some strange food choices. His go to comfort food is a "pizza burger?" What is that?!