Walk Off Holiday Calories & Excess Energy

December 26, 2016

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Holidays are filled with lots of food, presents and activities. And quite often we overindulge. Get the whole family outside and busy enjoying the beauty of the season.

Bingo hiking is a fun way to help everyone enjoy the outdoors. Have each person draw a picture of something they think they’ll find on the hike. Draw one picture per square just like bingo. The first one to fill a row up and down, across or diagonally wins the first cup of hot cocoa.

Grab some paper and crayons and create some bark rubbings from your favorite trees. Select a variety of trees with smooth, rough or peeling bark. Use these as a backdrop for a favorite photo or homemade stationary for thank you notes.

Have a picnic outside. Don warm clothes and blankets as needed, pack a picnic lunch and a thermos filled with your favorite warm beverage.

A bit more information:  Create a little winter outdoor art.  Use sidewalk chalk to dress up snow-free walks and drives.  Add a few drops of food coloring to a bottle of water and paint the snow. You’ll enjoy the changes in your artwork as the rain and snow morph the design over time.

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