You'll Pay Less For Heat This Winter In Wisconsin

We Energies says customers won't pay as much this year!

October 16, 2019

You want the good news or bad news first?  Ok, the bad is forecasters say Wisconsin is in for another long, cold winter.  But...there is good news for We Energies customers!  You'll pay less for heat this year!  

You won't have to wear a coat to save money.  We says the average customer will pay 11% less this winter, than last winter.   They say if two factors hold true, and they should your bill will be lower!  Factors include, the 20 year average of winter weather, and We says if natural gas prices stay the same (and they should) you'll save this year. 

Want to save even more?  Follow these tips :

1 - Keep your temp 7-10 degrees lower when you go to bed, or to work

2- Make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly.  Head to the home improvement store for caulk or the inside insulation strips

3- Get your furnace tuned up so it's running at the top of it's game!

For more info on heating your home this winter, hit up the We Energies website