Watermelon Burger Recipe Will Blow Your Mind

August 12, 2020
watermelon grilled

If you've felt this summer just wasn't the same, you may be right.  It's because you need to try a watermelon burger!

Look, we'll still get some hot days for the next month or so.  A hot burger on a hot day sometimes doesn't do the trick.  Why not cool down with grilled watermelon?

Check out this recipe I discovered for a juicy, tender and refreshing burger!  Just like beefy burgers or dogs, watermelon off the grill is heaven by itself.  But, add a bun and a few toppings, like cheese and you can officially call it a, "burger"!  Try it and let me know what YOU think!

Make a "Watermelon Burger with Goat Cheese"

You need:

4 slices of watermelon, cut 1 1/2 inches thick

salt and pepper to taste

Olive Oil

Goat cheese, or whatever cheese you like

4 square Ciabatta buns

Use the bread as a measuring tool,  to cut perfectly sized watermelon burger “patties".  Splash on olive oil and season with salt n pepper. Rub the grill grates with an oily paper towel.  This keeps 'em from sticking.  Then put the burgers directly over the flames. Cook for about 5 minutes per side, while moving them so they don't stick.  Add your cheese, and grill another 2-3 minutes.

Throw the buns on the grates, give them a good tan, then add the watermelon covered cheese.  You can also add lettuce or sprouts!