You Can Get Free Beer From Miller Lite

Is there a "catch"?

October 30, 2019

Is it safe to say, you'd do anything for FREE BEER?  Yup, FREE BEER!  Remember the dude who held up a sign on national TV, asking for beer?  Yup, he got beer...and money that he donated to charity.  So anything that says, "FREE BEER" turns heads everywhere!  

Well, Miller Lite wants to buy you a beer.  You might be saying, "Awesome....what's the catch"?

The "catch" need to unfollow them on Facebook and Instagram.  This is not a joke!

Miller Lite wants you to spend more time with friends, and not so much on your phone!  Think about it.  When you hit your favorite dive with your friends, you are ALL most likely, on your phones.  Miller Lite wants you to actually socialize, but not on social media.  

The offer is only for Miller Lite, and not any other MillerCoors brands. 

So, how do you get a free beer?  You have from now until November 22 to do the following :

1- Take a screenshot or even a photo of you NOT following Miller Lite on FB or Insta

2- Text it to "49375" with the word "UNFOLLOW"

3- When the company texts back a link, click on it and upload a receipt from your one beer purchase

4- They'll send you money via your PayPal account

You have from now until November 22 to make your purchase.  Gotta upload that receipt by December 6.