When did you learn to change a tire?

Can you change a flat?

February 27, 2019

When did you learn how to change a flat tire?  Have you EVER learned?  My son, Noah bought his first car last summer.  I was hoping to show him how to change a tire, in case he got a flat at college.  Well, time slipped away from us....he went to UWW....and, he got a flat!  Check out the damage to this bad boy!

When he discovered the flat, he called me.  He asked me to walk him through changing the tire, and putting the spare on.  After I told him, he hung up and went to work.  Twenty minutes later, he's Face Timing me.  He said the car is jacked up, but the "bolts" won't come off.  

His mistake was using the jack, BEFORE loosening the lugs...not bolts!  Once we worked through that, the spare was put on!

If you need help, check out this video!

If you have teens who buy their first car, make sure they know how to put the spare on!  If they don't, there's always AAA!