What Happened to Grandpa? Tall Tales Kids Tell...

"Shark Week" reminds me of this embarrassing story!

July 30, 2019

If you have little ones, you know they have big imaginations!  They love telling stories to get your attention.  Even if your kids are grown, you probably remember some stories they used to create!

This week reminds me of a big ol' tale my oldest, Noah told his kindergarten teacher.  Each year, "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel reminds me of this story.  Noah is going to be a junior at UW-Whitewater, but we always get a laugh out of this tale....

Back when he was in kindergarten (5K), he told his teacher that his grandpa (my father in-law) was bitten by a shark.  Noah had this huge story he told, about how his grandpa was swimming in Florida, searching for clams.  He told his teacher that grandpa was floating on top of the water, when a Great White came up and bit him in the arm.  He even has the scar to prove it (a scar my father in-law got on a job site).

One day, the kindergarten teacher (who is still friends with me) came up to me during dismissal.  She had a somewhat concerned look on her face.  I was thinking, "Oh no, what did the boy do today?"  She then broke out in a smile and said, "Noah told me his grandpa was bit by a shark.  Is this true?"

I just laughed and said, "He is facinated by sharks.  And no, that hasn't happened."  She was just making sure, as you don't want to discredit young kids.  We still laugh about it to this day!

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What "tall tale" has your kid told a teacher, or family member?  I love to hear your stories!  

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