The way you squeeze this defines your personality!

Where do you squeeze?

April 10, 2019

Does one of the rituals to starting and ending your day, involve brushing your teeth?  We should all hope so!  As you apply that dab of toothpaste to your brush, the big debate in our house is where to squeeze the tube!

I've always been one to squeeze the bottom of the tube!  It's pretty basic...squeeze the bottom, and the toothpaste pours out. 

My wife doesn't squeeze the bottom.  She strangles the tube... making it look like this...

According to this article from Brightside, the way you squeeze defines your personality.  Squeezing from the top is supposed to mean my wife is stubborn and able to reach her goals, no matter what!  Shh, don't tell her she's stubborn!  The article says if you squeeze from the bottom, you are thrifty and tidy.  Describes me perfectly!

Does your personality match where you squeeze the tube?  Check the LINK to see ~Radar