Trying To Stop Coronavirus is Clogging Toilets

People are killing germs, and pluggin' pottys

March 25, 2020

Have you been combating the spread of Covid-19...aka, the Coronavirus?  Washing your hands and using hand sanitizer is what the CDC and WHO have tried to tell the public.  You can also clean surfaces with disinfectant wipes...but hold on!  Where are you getting rid of those wipes when done?

Experts say, those using the wipes should not flush them down the toilet!  City and community pros have said flushing the wipes leads to pipes being blocked and sewer damage.

fix toilet

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With toilet paper in high demand, do not turn to "flushable wipes".  Experts also say those kid friendly wipes, which parents of toddlers use, aren't very sewer friendly either.  However, those who manufacture those wipes claim they are safe!

Read more about the "What is flushable" 

How 'bout we all do our part, and only flush TP and...Number 1, 2 or 3 from our bodies!