These Are Milwaukee's Most Popular Pet Names For 2019

Did the name you picked for your pet make this list?

December 18, 2019


There's nothing like the feeling of meeting your new pet.  You look into each others eyes's love at first sight!  Does a name come to you as quick as the love?  Maybe you're thinking the new dog reminds you of a celebrity and ya want to name it, "The Rock"?  Or after an athlete.  Are there any, "Giannis" cats out there?  You'd think Milwaukee pet owners would have more pets named Brandy, Porter or Miller.  Not the case.

Whatever the name, the pet won't care.  It's YOU who has to say the name a million times trying to get it to do tricks. Or when the get into trouble!  Plus, if you picked one of the top names, you might have 5 dogs come running when you call yours!

The list by Rover (not the dog name haha) found the top pet names in Milwaukee of 2019.  I've listed the top 3, but the site has more ideas!  Did your name make the list?

Milwaukee's Top Dog names in 2019 - 

Male dogs - Charlie, Max and Cooper take the top three.

My dog, Gibby did NOT make the list...but we still love him.

dog gibby

Milwaukee's Top Female Dog Names for 2019 - Bella, Luna and Lucy are top three.  Anyone pick these names?

We can't forget the top cat names of 2019.  Our family rescued a kitten in May.  Without seeing this list we named her, "Luna".  Yep, that's tops for Milwaukee in 2019!


2019 Top Female Cat Names in Milwaukee - Luna, Lucy and Bella.  See a pattern from dogs to cats?  Anyone have a dog and cat with the same name?

2019 Top Male Cat Names in Brew City - Charlie, Jack and Simba.  

Are you getting a new pet in 2020?  Will you go with one of the top Milwaukee names from 2019?  Or start a new trend?  Let me know your pet's name by messaging me on FACEBOOK.