Is there a method to buying...milk?

Where do you, "grab the gallon"?

May 1, 2019
Photo courtesy of  Kwangmoozaa


When you're buying milk, is there a certain method you use to pick it out?  My mom would always move the gallons in the front, and grab one from the back.  I'd ask, "why are you going through so much work, just to pick out milk?"

She always said, "The gallons in the back are fresher."

I was very impressionable as a kid.  So, I started doing the same thing!  I'll move the first two, and grab one from the back.  I've noticed some have different dates stamped on them.  The dates are always longer than those in front.  

I got to thinking, "do other people do the same thing?"  I decided to put it to the social media test!  And....many of you do the SAME thing!  

Check out some of the answers to the post:

*Robin said, "I check the expiration dates on most things I buy...especially milk!"

*Heather posted this, "I take from the bottom two shelves and always check the dates. It doesn’t matter because the 4 gallons I buy we go through in one week."

*Jackie gives a little store secret away... "Check the dates. I managed a grocery store & we knew people grabbed from the back so we purposely rotated in such a way so they’d grab the older stuff first. First in, first out. Saves a lot of money on unnecessary waste."

Where do YOU grab the milk?  Front, back or bottom shelf?  Chime in on the Facebook post below!