The Rave/Eagles Club invites you to "Halloween Blackout"

Explore one of the area's most haunted buildings with only a flashlight...if you dare!

October 2, 2020
rave halloween blackout

You may have heard the spooky stories at The Rave, from musical artists.  They love to tell and hear all about the tales in the building.  Now, YOU can explore that haunts inside The Rave/Eagles Club!

Armed with JUST a flashlight, you can check out the vast darkness of the Penthouse Lounge, to the spirit filled pool area in the basement of the building.  This spooky season, The Rave/Eagles Club presents, "Halloween Blackout".  All you're allowed to take is a flashlight...oh, and wear a mask!

Here are the dates you can explore, if you dare!!!!

Friday, October 23rd or Saturday, October 24th

Friday, October 30th or Saturday, October 31st

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