Thanksgiving Survey - How Big Is YOUR Bird?

If you want leftovers, is bigger better?

November 19, 2019

Do you like a heaping mound of leftovers from Thanksgiving?  Or, do you get sick of eating those leftovers after about....a day?  If you're hosting family on Thanksgiving, the big question isn't if Aunt Martha is bringing that awful Jello/nut dessert.  You really need to know how big of a bird to buy!

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The answer depends on how many guests you're expecting, if the bird fits in your OVEN (nothing like buying one that is way to big, and discovering that on Thanksgiving morning), and how many leftovers you want for the rest of your life weekend.

A recent survey asked 1,000 people, "What size turkey will you serve on Thanksgivng?"  Most said they'll get a smaller sized bird, around 18 pounds.  The survey said there's plenty of leftovers with that size without having to eat turkey hash, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and turkey a la king for weeks!  



Other fun stuff those in the survey said:

-Favorite part for most is the turkey breast

-Only 19% overall say they LIKE the leg.  So, keep that in mind when planning for guests!  If your family has a number of Millenials, you may want to stock up on extra legs.  The survey showed 22% of Millennials grab for the leg, followed by Boomers (17%) and Gen X'ers (16%).