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Slime Recipes may be ending

December 5, 2018
glitter glue

Do you know anyone who is a, “DIY” person?  One that likes to do crafts, picture collages, etc.?  I happen to live with one.  My 15 year-old daughter, Hailey.

When she’s not playing softball, she has made homemade, “slime”.  It’s the school glue based, summer break/Christmas vacation boredom beater!  Hailey has added food coloring and glitter to the slime, to be more creative when making homemade slime.


Well, the interest in slime may have run its course in our house.  So, Hailey has turned to other DIY projects.  She has made a, "Jar of Calming."

This is a glitter glue based formula, intended to help calm you on stressful days.  Need something to hypnotize you into being stress free?  

Here’s how to make it:

Start with a Mason jar and cover.  Fill with WARM water.

Add ¼ bottle of glitter glue…

glitter glue

Next, add any kind of glitter to the mixture.  Hailey used this silver fine and larger glitter.

Now shake and set it down.  This swirling concoction is supposed to have a calming effect.  Bet you feel relaxed already. <sure>

Easy to make...feel stress free yet?