Should you do this when it snows?

Will this help winter driving?

January 23, 2019

Have you seen a parking lot full of cars, that look like this???


It seems to be what many people are doing.  If you're at work on a snowy day, take a look outside.  Maybe you have co-workers with their, "blades up"?  It does look weird, and seems to be picking up in popularity!  There are reasons for doing it...and not just to be funny!

Keeping those wiper arms up helps wipers from freezing up, or being buried on your windshield when it snows.  Doing this will also help your wiper blades to last!   

Next time the forecast calls for snow or freezing rain, try putting those blades up.  You'll save your wipers and match every other car in the lot, or on your street!