Is this the scariest thing about driving?


January 9, 2019


It’s just a circle in the road…a way to avoid stoplights and square intersections. Studies show the roundabout is safer than regular intersections.  Unless, you’re scared to death to drive through them!

When my daughter, Lexi was learning to drive, I took her through the round-about in New Berlin.  She wanted to take her sister to the movies. 

“No problem,” I said, as we made our way down Moorland Road.  Well, once we got to the round-about, maneuvering became a little tricky. 

roundabout 2

When I told her to, “stay left”, we drove around the circle.  Totally missed heading south on Moorland. We continued in a circle, all the while she was nervously saying, “What do I do?”

Luckily, we stayed calm and I directed her to stay on Moorland.  She exhaled, and said, “Ok, that was scary. At least….”

And then, we made it to the next round-about!  That second one was better, as she had to yield to another car.  It allowed her to think a little bit.  Still, it was tricky to actually exit the round-about and head straight into the parking lot for the movie theater.  She made it!

Heading home was better.  Traffic was lighter on the northbound side.  Guess we should have tried going through on a Sunday morning, with less cars!

I think the trick to heading through a round-about, is to stay calm.  I see many people look nervous as they approach one in traffic.  The worst thing to do is to avoid them.  Face your fears, and it won’t be a fear any longer!