Is playing football on Thanksgiving your family tradition?

Backyard football on Thanksgiving

November 21, 2018


Do you have Thanksgiving traditions in your family?  Do you exchange names for Christmas, hit the stores for pre-Black Friday shopping, or you play, "Who can eat the most pie" ?

The tradition in my family has always been, "The Turkey Bowl".  Thanksgiving is synonomous with eating, gathering with family, shopping and football!  There are now three NFL games on TV for Turkey Day.

Anytime my family is together, my two brothers (Frank and John) will always grab a ball and offer up teams!  Here's a shot after one game.  We all forgot our team jerseys.  But, we still played!

We were pretty sweaty that year!  We've also have had the kids involved.  The tackling gets toned down (John had sprained a knee one year).  It's still a tradition we try to do every year.  If we're not together for some reason, I look to neighbors and friends to play!

 Do you play a lil football on Thanksgiving?  Really helps burn those calories!