Parents With Toddlers - This Will Bring You To Tears

Lil' ones can drain you of time, but it goes fast!

August 21, 2019

Remember when you were, "up to your neck in diapers, baby food and tantrums?"  Well, if you're a grizzled veteran to parenthood (kids are grown) you may feel like saying this to parents of toddlers and younger children.... "It goes by FAST"!  

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I know I'd tell anyone the same thing!  My oldest, Noah is a junior at UW-Whitewater.  My middle kid, Lexi is starting her freshman year in St. Paul, MN.  And the youngest, Hailey is a sophomore in high school.  When did the days of naps, barefeet and food on their faces...turn into dating, expensive shoes and make-up?  One day, you don't know how you'll make it through work...since you had NO sleep the night before.  The next day, you can't sleep because your kid is STILL at the movies!  And, it's late!  Wow, time blasts away like a rocket!

Will you miss the baby/toddler times?  Only time will tell...but by then, you may be telling another parent of a toddler the same thing.  When you read the post below, be ready to shed some tears! ~Radar