Mask Up with Breathable Bacon

Make your 2020 better with bacon!

October 19, 2020
bacon sizzle

One of the most controversial, yet essential items of 2020 is the face mask.  But, as the mask becomes an everyday item, one company has found a way for you to enjoy wearing one.  It may make you hungry!

You've heard of "mask debate" and now, Hormel wants to settle the debate with the "bacon mask"!   They've called it the, "Black Label Breathable Bacon" face mask.  According the site, it's a mask with, "two-ply cloth to keep the delicious smell of bacon always wrapped around your nose."  You won't be able to buy them (yet?), but the company is giving away the masks on their WEBSITE, as part of a contest.  You can enter through October 28th. 

Hormel is also giving back with the contest.  For every entry, the company will donate one meal to Feeding America.  Winners of the bacon-scented face masks will be announced November 4th.