Now that the holiday season is over, do you still want snow?

let it snow

January 2, 2019

Did you sing, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" over the holidays?  The area did get a little dusting of snow for Christmas morning.  But, now that the season is over...and we are into the new you still want snow this winter?

I talked to a cashier at a gas station last week.  He was saying one good snowfall would be ok.  Then?  Bring on April...although, we sometimes get a good amount of snow in April!

Maybe you bought a new snowblower this year, and ya want to clear snow for the entire neighborhood.  Then sure, you'll want at least one storm.  Just one!

If you like to ski, the snow is great!  But, most hills make their own snow.  Snowmobile riders need the trails groomed for the sleds, so they need a bunch of snow.

What about you?  Do you WANT snow this season??  Or, are you lookin' forward to Spring?