No Need To Whine...The Price of WINE is Dropping!

Time to stock up on the vino!

March 4, 2020
wine toast


The price of wine is expected to drop, mostly because of a bounty of California grapes!  Who knew the Earth was so fertile for the grape vines in California?  Northern California vineyards planted a bunch of new vines in 2016.  Those vines are now spittin' out a glut of grapes.


wine grapes

So, you may want to run out and buy as many bottles as you can.  How long will the lower priced wine last?  Experts say the lower prices could last up to 3 years.  So, ya have time to run out and stock up on bottles.  However, experts say do it soon.  The millenial population hasn't embraced wine just yet.  As they age, the decision to buy up wine at a low cost will send demand up.

wine pour


If you're not into California wines, you can get great wine made right here in Wisconsin.  And, at great prices!  

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