New Map Shows Wisconsin's Most Searched Thanksgiving Recipe

Are you searching for ideas about this casserole?

November 6, 2019

Now that we've hit November, it's time to put away thoughts of Halloween candy and think food!  Maybe you have that specialty dish you make every year, and are set with your recipe.  But, if you make something once a year, you may forget how to do it.  Google has new research out, that shows what Thanksgiving recipes are searched for most in Wisconsin.  Ready???

Green Bean Casserole!!  Can you make this recipe without doing a Google search?  Let me know your BEST Thanksgiving recipe!  Send 'em my way on FACEBOOK.

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People in other states are looking to change up their Thanksgiving.  Georgia searches the most for deep frying turkeys.  Hawaii and Washington want new gravy ideas.  Others are lookin' to add ham to the feast.  They'll be eating leftovers for days!! 

See the Google Trends map of recipes people in all 50 states are searching.