This New iPhone Feature Will Silence The Strangers & Spam

If your phone doesn't know 'em, it's straight to voicemail jail!

October 2, 2019

Did the IRS call you recently?  Sure, you can find humor in what is said in the calls.  But, that spam/robocall can get annoying.  Think there are more of those annoying spammer calls coming in the future?

Well, you can thank Apple for doing something about all those calls!  According to THIS STORY, the new iOS 13 feature will allow you to avoid the annoying spam, robocalls and solicitors altogether.  

The new feature is called, "Silence Unknown Callers".  When turned on, the feature will only allow your iPhone to ring if you know the person who is calling YOU!  In default, the feature is off, so you'll have to turn it on.  You will need to install the iOS 13 update, and then you can silence those unwanted calls. 

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After the install, here's how to enable the, "Silence Unknown Callers" feature....

1 - Go to "Settings" and open the app

2 - Then select, "Phone"

3- Scroll down for the "Silence Unknown Callers" feature and enable it

Once on, the feature will only allow your iPhone to ring if someone in your contacts is calling, a recent call or a suggestion you asked Siri about.  Of course, you'll get more voicemails, since the feature directs unkown numbers to your VM.  But, it's better than answering the phone during a meeting!