A Mom Thought She Saw A "Ghost Baby" In Bed With Her Son!

What would you do if you saw THIS on your baby monitor?

October 23, 2019

Chicago area mom, Maritza Cibuls was home alone with her two kids.  Her husband was working, when she put her son to bed.  All alone with sleeping kids, she checked the baby monitor and saw something terrifying!

A "GHOST BABY" seem to appear in her son's CRIB!  

When she checked his room, she didn't see the "ghost baby"...but, it was on the MONITOR!  She had a restless night of sleep.

The next morning, she checked the bed...and found her answer.  When her husband put the sheet on the mattress, he forgot to put the pad on first!  The image she saw was....the label of the mattress, under the sheet!  The label had a pic of a baby on it!  

The camera picked up the image through the sheet...which is what scared the "you-know-what" out of her!

See her post below!  Have you ever had a temporary scare?  Or, did you ever see/hear a ghost on your baby monitor?