Masher or mixer? What kitchen technique do you think is better?

masher or mixer

January 30, 2019

A few months ago, I treated my kids to real mashed potatoes.  Like, I boiled them in water instead of using the boxed type.  Well, the boiled taters are the ONLY thing my kids will eat now!   Just when you think a problem is solved...another one pops up.

I have been using a hand held, electric mixer for the potatoes.  However, if ya use it too long, or on a really high speed...the spuds spudder!  They can get gummy.  I have been told it's better to use a, "masher".  It's a non-electrical way of mashing the spuds.  Maybe it could double as work out equipment???

Does it really work better?


Do you use a masher?  Which one do you prefer?  Electric mixer or hand held masher?