Make Valentine's Day Memorable With A Chicken Nugget Bouquet

Talk about an arrangement that's edible!

February 5, 2020
chicken nugget

On Valentine's Day, do you hit the florist for a special arrangement?  Maybe you'll also buy some sweet chocolates as part of your Valentine's gift?  New this year, people are also adding something crunchy to the day? 

The trend for Valentine's Day 2020 is giving your loved one a meal before the chocolates.  It's a chicken nugget bouquet.  This new, edible bouquet is gaining in popularity among those shopping for the special day.  What started as a fun little joke for a chicken nugget lovin' bride, has gone viral!

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In checking restaurants online, it doesn't appear to be any that put the bouquet together for you.  So buy a bunch of nuggets and put a little, "DIY" touch to it.  Only drawback is they don't last as long as flowers...but are by far tastier!

Take a look at some of the creations below!  Think your Valentine would want one?