Lottery winner is paying it forward, could you be next?

West Allis lottery winner is giving back!

May 15, 2019

If a stranger approached and offered you a gift, would you accept it?  Power Ball winner and West Allis guy, Manuel Franco was attempting to give back on Mother's Day.  

While at a Chicago area Target, he offered a $200 store gift card to other shoppers.  They didn't take it!  What?  Would you accept it?

He then approached Nicole Dimitro, who was shopping for her toddler.  According to Nicole's post, Manuel explained that he was the big Power Ball winner from the Milwaukee area.  He explained that he had tried to offer a $200 store gift card to other shoppers, who declined to accept it.  He asked Nicole if she wanted the $200 gift card for Mother's Day.  Nicole didn't belive him at first, but accepted the gift.  Manuel even thanked her for taking it!

Check out her Facebook post about the encounter below!  How would you react?