Kids claim that THEY can really create snow days!

February 13, 2019

As a kid, do you remember listening to the radio for school closings?  Or, maybe you watched the local news scroller at the bottom of the screen?  With phones today, kids are all watching the apps for school closings.  The hope is always there that school WILL be closed because of snow! 

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But, is there a way to bring luck, and make  sure there IS a, “snow day”?  Some kids believed they brought the luck, and created a snow day!

Recently, I saw posts on my Facebook feed from other parents about snow days.  Seems their kids take part in some sort of, “snow day” ritual.  Completing this ritual apparently brings on school closings.  And, it WORKED!!  Well, some kids think it did!

The lucky acts are to be completed the night before school.  The steps are as follows:

-Flush 3 ice cubes down the toilet

-Put a white crayon in the freezer

-Sleep with PJ’s inside out

-Put a spoon under your pillow before bed

One parent posted that her daughter did all of the above.   The next day was a, “SNOW DAY”!  Her daughter was convinced it was because she went through all the steps!

Not sure if this will work in September, for the first day of school.  But, it’ll keep the kids busy!