Is Your Money On The Way? Track Your Stimulus Check

April 15, 2020
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April 15th is usually a day that many working Americans dread.  It's Tax Day.  But, the IRS has moved the deadline to file this year,  to July 15, 2020.  Even more good news, you can now track your stimulus money!

But, if you filed're ahead of the game!  The first economic stimulus payments go out today (April 15), with some eligible taxpayers getting up to $1,200.  Those who have filed, and set up a direc deposit with the IRS will see the money sooner than others.  The money is to help offset what happened to spending, amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to CNET.COM, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said 80 million Americans, who have set up that direct deposit with the IRS, will see their payments today (April 15th).  However, just because payments are going out, not everyone will see the money on the first day. 

Stimulus Tracker... (see below)

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So, if you're probably wondering where is the money?  There is a special tool you can use to track your stimulus payment.


Go to the IRS Get My Payment page for the tracking tool.  (There may be a "Due to the high volume" message.)  You'll need your Social Security Number or your Individual Tax ID, birthdate, address and zip code.