Is That Stimulus Cash Coming Soon?

The U.S. Government is sending out direct payments during the Coronavirus pandemic. Will it be soon?

April 1, 2020
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Do you find direct deposit is almost like a surprise in your bank account?  The US Government passed the stimulus bill, and is sending many people a stimulus (read: jump start the economy) payment, to help those because of Covid-19.  People need to pay bills and, with businesses shutting down they don't have the same income as before the world changed.

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So, the question is... WHEN?  When is this money coming?  Experts say payments could go out in three weeks.  But, they also warn it could be longer.  Like a few months!


Previous stimulus bills took some time to get into people's hands.  Back in 2001, checks took 6 months and in 2008, it took 3 months to show up in individual's accounts.

In this year of Coronavirus, timing could be close to what happned in 2008.  Those who filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, and have received refunds from the IRS in the past via direct deposit, are likely to see the payments first.  Makes sense, since the government has your info and can send it easily.  Those who are being paid by check...well, don't all checks take a little longer to arrive?

If you haven't filed your taxes this year (2019), the IRS says do it soon!  Ya don't want to miss out on that money.

Speaking of which, just how much can you expect?  That all depends on a few factors.  Want to figure it out?  All you need is this STIMULUS CALCULATOR!

Or, watch the video below!

So, the money is coming...and hopefully, an end to the pandemic.  Which one would you like to see first?